Student Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Making sure our students are given ample amount of care in things spiritual is a priority at Allegheny Wesleyan College.

Personal Devotions – The most important Christian responsibility is having an active, consistent personal devotion life. We strongly encourage and make every attempt to influence our students toward a strong personal devotion and relationship with God, as it makes the difference in true Christianity and provides a victorious life.

Residence Hall Devotions – Throughout the school year, each dormitory has their own devotions as a group. The purpose of the residence hall devotions is to enrich the spiritual life of each student and acquaint them with the importance of family worship.

Campus Prayer Meetings – On Tuesday and Thursday a voluntary campus prayer meeting is held in the chapel. On Wednesday, time has been set apart for fasting and prayer during the lunch hour.

Chapel Services – Chapel services are held three times a week or daily during revival. Students are encouraged to testify and worship the lord. Chapel services are meant to help each student to grow closer to the Lord and His personal will.

Church – Students are required to faithfully attend all morning and evening services their church provides, including Sunday school.

Christian Service – Christian Service opportunities are a major part of the college experience and Christian life. Our students take part in Christian Service on a weekly basis.  See more about this here.

Leisure & Relaxation

If you are a full-time student, your schedule will often be filled with pressing activities from early morning until late at night. It will be especially full if you are also working to help pay your way. Heavy schedules marked by study and work must be offset with some kind of leisure, rest and recreation. Our beautiful campus, comprised of approximately forty-five acres, affords various opportunities for relaxation.

  • You can walk around the school pond, or take a trip on Woodsdale Road (since it is not heavily traveled) or you can roam over our spacious lawns.
  • The fountain, located in the center of the campus, provides a great spot for conversing with one another during the fall and spring months.
  • You may enjoy year-round pond activities, such as canoeing or fishing or even skating on the ice.  
  • In the D. R. Kaufman building you can take take advantage of the large gymnasium and can exercise by playing basketball, volleyball, or even ping-pong.
  • The Daily Grind coffee shop is great place to relax, spend time with friends, and get homework completed.

I am so thankful that God led me to attend AWC. The college experience has been beneficial in helping me develop spiritually, socially and academically. Through the classes and chapel times, I have learned so much about who God is and how to have a personal relationship with Him! I am also being taught how to put the knowledge I am gaining to practical use through communication and service to others. My desire is to glorify God and continue following His perfect plan for my life!

Laura Reese


Relationships & Dating

Developing interpersonal relationships is a vital part of college life. You will form friendships which will last for a lifetime.

AWC ensures time is given to promote healthy relationships between all of its students. Campus experiences will afford opportunities to laugh together, cry together, love together, and live together as members of the body of Christ. As iron sharpens iron, our interpersonal relationships should help each of us become better servants of our God

Students who show interest in one another are allowed to form a dating relationship. We encourage this natural, love relationship that God has ordained, and we seek to set proper boundaries to ensure a wholesome and effective relationship that is God-honoring and pleasing in the sight of man. To read about this further, please see our student handbook.    

Counseling & Health

All students are offered help in securing counsel about their personal, spiritual, and educational needs. A professional counselor, along with the President, Academic Dean, Dean of Students, and members of the faculty, is available for conferences to give friendly and helpful guidance. AWC will work with each student according to the level of counsel needed. Each student will be assigned an academic advisor. This advisor will provide guidance with curriculum choices here at AWC as well as postgraduate studies and career planning.

AWC provides health and wellness advice for students. A campus nurse is available for minor medical situations. If further medical help is needed, students will be referred to doctors and hospitals in the area.