School Stats


Salem Ohio


Founded in 1957

Religious Affliliation

Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist


Bachelor of Arts & Associate of Arts

Programs of Study

Elementary Education, Cross-Cultural Missions, Music Ministry, Pastoral Ministries & Religious Studies


70 Students

Average Class Size


Academic Facilities

Two dormitories, a gymnasium, 3 buildings containing classrooms, and an Academic office.

Ministry Opportunities

Tobin Detention Center, Columbiana Jail (Ladies), Columbiana Jail (Men), Auburn Nursing Home, International Student Fellowship, Independent church ministry (Junior church, Bus ministry, preaching for small churches, leading singing, calling etc.) 

Academic Divisions

Elementary Education, Cross-Cultural Missions, Music Ministry, Pastoral Ministries, Religious Studies & One Year Bible Certificate

Employment Rate

In the last five years, 68% of our graduates are involved in Christian Ministry or a ministry or their choosing.

Graduation / Retention Rate

Below statistics only include students who began at AWC in a fall semester as first-time, full time, degree-seeking students as per the federal definition of “cohort”.

Fall 2011-2014 Cohort Graduation Rate: 44%

Fall 2017 to Fall 2018 Cohort Retention Rate: 73%

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