by Samuel West

I grew up in a Christian home. My dad was a pastor, and then we moved to the mission field. However, my spiritual life was not good. I would try, and then give up. I struggle with being overly conscientious at times. Being conscientous is one thing, but being overly conscientous is another. The devil is mean and lies to confuse God’s children. This is what happened to me over and over. I was not like some people who always wanted to serve God, but they struggled. I think I had more of a desire to serve God when I was younger, but this changed as I got older. I would run from God and do my own thing, then I would try to be a Christian. After awhile, I would give up. During part of this time, I thought about getting back to God. The problem was sins that I didn’t want to reveal. Also, the devil would lie to keep me from returning to God. 

Finally, my life came to a turning point. I came to the US for my senior year of high school. I graduated from Stoneboro Wesleyan School. After graduating, I had to go to one year of Bible College. That was what my mom wanted, anyway. My dad wanted me to attend Bible College too, but for some reason I always blamed my mom. I went through the first semester without any real spiritual help. However, Allegheny Wesleyan College was good for me. If I had been out in the world, I may never returned to God. During the spring revival of 2023, I came back to God. I ran from Him during the revival, but finally, God pulled me to Him, with the help of a friend. The altar call had finished and people were praying at the altar. I knelt by my seat. The friend asked me about my spiritual condition. We talked. I made excuses. Finally, I decided to go to the altar. That night, Jesus saved me. I knew this was not the end of the battle. I knew that I needed to be sanctified soon in order to stay a Christian. The next night, God sanctified me. All glory belongs to Jesus!

Since that night, it has not always been easy. Yet, I know the reason I am still a Christian today is Jesus! Without Him, I would not have been saved. Without Him, I would not have had another chance. Without Him, I would not still be saved. Without Him, I would quickly fail. Jesus is the one one worth living for!

To anyone out there who is struggling spiritually, I say “Do not give up!’ I know this sounds cliche, but it is true. Trust Jesus because He said He would never leave us!

During our recent Fall revival, God was very real. Bro. Thompson brought practical, helpful messages. I sensed God reviving me during the revival. I went through the revival knowing that I had to have more of God. I am confident that God will draw nearer to me if I want more of Him, and that is the desire of my heart!