Prime Events

Allegheny Wesleyan College hosts a number of events throughout the year as highlights to outside guests. These events are geared towards getting to know more about the college, having an enjoyable time with friends, being challenged spiritually, helping students, and praising God.

Get-Acquainted Days

Get Acquainted Days is designed especially for all high school students and recent graduates. Parents and sponsors are encouraged to attend. Prayer meetings, classes, ball games, canoe rides, picnic, and a musical program are part of the itinerary for Get-Acquainted Days. This is normally held the last Thursday and Friday of April.

College Summer Days

Want to live in a dormitory, eat in a college dining room, and enjoy Christian fun and fellowship with other young people?  A guest speaker and many planned activities will make this two-day experience in a country setting unforgettable.

Harvest Day

Harvest Day is held the first Friday evening in October. This is a time for graduates, former students, and those interested in the college to renew acquaintances and enjoy a program of music and award presentations.

Christmas Program

The Christmas Program is a music service that AWC shares with friends, family, and the local community. It is a time of enjoyment to come together and celebrate the Christ of Christmas. Currently, the Christmas Program is held at an off-site location. We hope you come and enjoy this special time of the year. 


Phonathon is a fundraising event to help cover expenses of Bible college and also to develop connections with the thoughtful supporters of AWC. Your giving helps support our students in their seeking of God’s will and will enable them to receive a quality education based upon the conservative Wesleyan tradition.