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The Issues That Matter Most

If it concerns you, it concerns us as well. Here are some of the key areas parents want to know about.

Spiritual Atmosphere

Personal Devotions 

Foremost in the development of a consistent spiritual life is the practice of personal devotions. A time of private devotion is essential in the Christian life.

• Students are urged to regulate their schedules in such a way that they conscientiously observe a time of communion and fellowship with God.

Residence Hall Devotions 

The purpose of the residence hall devotions is to enrich the spiritual life of each student and acquaint them with the importance of family worship.

• Devotions are conducted daily in the respective residence halls.

• Times will be established by the respective deans.

Campus Prayer Meetings

On Tuesday and Thursday a voluntary campus prayer meeting is held in the chapel. It is a time of sharing Scripture, testimonies and prayer.

• On Wednesday, time has been set apart for fasting and prayer during the lunch hour.

Chapel Attendance 

The chapel services provide the AWC community an opportunity to assemble together for worship.

• Chapel services are held three times a week.

• During revivals or special services, chapel may be held daily.

• Students are required to attend all chapel services unless excused by the dean.

• Off-campus students are required to attend chapel if they have classes before or after chapel.

• Students are required to bring a non-electronic Bible.

• Students will manifest reverence to God during the chapel services.

• Cell phones should be turned OFF during chapels and special services in order to focus on worshipping God.

• Students will remain in the chapel during altar services until they are dismissed by the President or another administrator.

Church Attendance 

Every Sunday students are given the opportunity to worship outside the campus community in a local church.

• Each student must choose a church within four weeks of the opening of the school year and continue throughout the year. Any exceptions will be considered by the Dean of Students.

• Students are required to faithfully attend all services their church provides, including Sunday school.

• As a rule, all resident students should choose to attend a church of the same denomination they attended before enrolling at AWC. If their denomination does not have a chuch in the area, they are free to choose a church approved by the Dean of Students.

• On Sundays, students who are not in choir or a PR group must be in attendance at their church.

• Resident students are required to attend the Wednesday evening service held on the AWC campus.

Academic Success

Academic Standards 

AWC is committed to academic excellence and is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) and recognized by the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE). Learning is central to a quality academic program and includes the discipline of study.

• If a student falls below a “C” average in any class, she or he will lose gym privileges until the grade is brought up to a “C”.

• Students who participate in extracurricular activities like Student Council or PR Groups must maintain at least a “C” grade average.

• Extracurricular clubs or groups may be organized only with permission from the administration.

Work-Schedule Limitations

As we endeavor to establish biblical priorities in the use of our time, the number of hours of employment should be adjusted to the number of class hours being taken.

The Academic Dean reserves the right to limit work hours if academics are falling below the minimum standard.

Computer Usage

Information Technology (IT) 

The use of technology provides great opportunities for our generation. With these new opportunities come new responsibilities. God holds us accountable for how we use technology. Therefore, we must be good stewards of what God has given us.

Internet/Networking Policy 

• AWC provides filtered and monitored internet service through the designated Wi-Fi connections or library computers. Before using the Internet, the student must sign in.

• Students must realize the importance of using discretion when utilizing social network mediums. We encourage students to use the strongest privacy settings to protect their personal information from persons with ill intentions.

• Students are forbidden from posting content on social media that violates the policies in this handbook.

• Students of AWC represent the college at all times. Therefore, content posted on the internet that does not reflect the values of AWC can have negative consequences regarding status as a student, and it can also hinder future professional opportunity and goals.

• Every device must have current antivirus software. We recommend the following free antivirus software for the PC: AVAST or Microsoft Security Essentials.

• Each semester all USB Storage devices need scanned for viruses by the IT Staff.

• The IT staff must approve the use of wired or wireless equipment; e.g., network switches, hubs and routers.

• The college has internet filtering systems that are in place on all college computers. Removing or tampering with this system in any way is strictly forbidden.

The full Information Technology Policy can be obtained through the Library.

Dress Code

Student’s Appearance 

The governing principles for the dress of Christians are modesty, conservatism, economy, neatness, and cleanliness.

Women’s Dress Standards 

• Dress clothes and shoes are required for all classes, and religious services (chapels and church services). Sweat shirts and jean skirts are not considered dress clothes.

• All clothing must have modest necklines.

• Sleeves must extend well below the elbow at all times.

• All skirts and dresses must be modest and without slits. Skirts and dresses must come below the knees in all positions whether sitting or standing.

• All ladies’ dresses, skirts, blouses, and tops must be loose-fitting.

• Hose or tights must be worn at all times. They must be non-faddish and of sufficient weight and color to avoid the appearance of bare legs.

• Shoes are to be conservative in style, with closed toes, sides, and heels.

• Slacks, pant suits, jewelry, makeup or nail polish are not to be worn.

• The wearing of any type of men’s garments is not permitted.

• Wrist watches must not give the appearance of a bracelet.

• Ladies are not to leave their rooms without sufficient clothing.

• All ladies may not have bangs or cut and trim their hair during the school year as well as during vacation periods.

• All ladies must refrain from styling their eyebrows.

• All ladies’ hair must be completely contained and worn up in a neat and simple fashion. For recreation their hair can be contained in a braid that extends no lower than the top of the shoulder blades.

Men’s Dress Standards 

• Dress shirts and slacks (denim is not acceptable), dress shoes, and neckties (unless contrary to personal conviction) are required for all classes and religious services.

• Sleeves must extend well below the elbow and shirttails must be tucked into pants while in dress clothes.

• All fellows’ shirts and pants must be loose-fitting.

• No jewelry is permitted.

• All male students must have a neat, conservative hairstyle.

• The sideburns must not extend any lower than the middle of the ear.

• All male students must be clean shaven at all times.

• No hats are to be worn in classes or in chapel.

• Men are not to leave their rooms without sufficient clothing.

Brand Restrictions 

AWC does not allow students to wear or patronize brands and stores that show antagonism to Christian values and an unusual display of wickedness in their promotions (i.e. Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, etc.).

Platform Dress Code 

In regard to platform attire, women are to wear dress clothes and men must wear business suits or sport coats and neckties.


Guidelines for Social Privileges 

The college requires that all of its students maintain wholesome relationships with members of the opposite sex as God has intended. Dating is a privilege and can serve several positive purposes:

• It develops the individual’s communication skills.

• It cultivates one’s social and cultural interests, skills, and personal attractiveness.

• It gives the individual opportunity to follow scriptural principles for the selection of a life partner.

Eligibility for Dating Privileges

• Any couple desiring to begin a dating relationship must first meet with the Dean of Students. At this time, each student will present, in writing, their personal statement of dating values and integrity to the Dean of Students.

• Permission for social privileges is granted by the Dean of Students.

• Freshmen under 21 years of age desiring to date must have written permission from the parents.

• All students under 20 will either double-date or have an approved chaperone.

• No dating privileges will be given to divorced persons.

• Social privileges may be restricted when academic standing is in danger of falling below minimum standards.

• Couples found to be spending time together other than approved times could forfeit their normal dating privileges.

“The Six Weeks” 

• Incoming students may not date for their first six weeks of school.

• A couple who has been dating consistently for at least three months prior to registration is to meet with the Dean of Students for exceptions.

• There is a six week waiting period after a dating couple has dissolved their relationship before either one can date again.

Dating Times for On-Campus & Off-Campus Dates 

Students eligible for dates are allowed the following:

• A forty-five minute meal date each day during either the noon or evening campus meal.

• A four hour date on either Friday or Saturday.

• A couple may ride together and sit together for Sunday services. Following the evening service, couples are allowed to continue their date in the dining hall for the after-church snack. The date will end when the snack time is concluded.

• There will be no prolonged visiting apart from the regular dating times.

Dating Request Procedure 

• A dating request slip must be submitted to the Dean of Students by Thursday evening for approval.

• Approved dating request slip must be given to the respective deans before the date.

• Couples must adhere to residence hall sign-out procedures.


AWC’s desire is for our students to exercise virtue in all areas of life. The physical display of affection is not appropriate on or off campus for couples.

• All physical contact is strictly forbidden.

• Couples may not be in any room alone.

• Couples should not pair off while on singing trips unless there is permission from the chaperone.

• Couples are not permitted to sit together in classes.

• Couples are permitted to sit together at one special service a day (i.e. Ministerial, Missions Convention) with the approval of the Dean of Students.


• Under normal circumstances, a couple must have dated for a minimum of six months before announcing an engagement.

• If an engaged couple dissolves their relationship, there is a three-month waiting period before they can begin dating another individual.


• Under normal circumstances, the marriage of students during a school semester is not permitted.

Additional Social Guidelines 

• All non-dating men and women are also responsible to obey the above-stated rules. Just because one is not on “dating rules” does not give permission to spend time together.

• All mixed groups must receive permission from the Dean of Students in order to go to Salem or surrounding areas. Under normal circumstances, a mixed group will be comprised of more women than men. The college reserves the right to select chaperones.

Forbidden Activities

Prohibited Activities 

In order to “live above reproach” and to avoid the spiritual and physical dangers, we do not allow our students to be involved in the following activities:

• Purchasing, possessing, consuming or selling drugs (including marijuana), tobacco (in any form), and alcoholic beverages or any violation to our drug policy which can be found on the AWC website.

• Attending commercial movies, dances, amusement parks, or questionable concerts.

• Viewing commercial movies in any format.

• Viewing pornography in any form.

• Using profanity, gossip, impure speech, or suggestive body language.

• Any secual activity outside of marriage (including homosexual conduct).

• Obtaining an abortion or assisting in the arrangement for an abortion.

• Sowing discord on or off campus regarding policies and requirements of the college.

• Attending activities on Sunday where an admission is charged.

• Tampering with fire alarms in any campus building.

• Breaking into any room on campus.

• Attending any type of entertainment that promotes the selling of liquor, the playing of music in violation of AWC music policy, the use of profanity, or any form of nudity.

• Playing games which entail gambling.

• Purchasing on Sunday except in the case of an emergency.

• Possessing or viewing of magazines or books in any format that feature violent and disgraceful behavior and unwhole-some love affairs.

Sexual Harassment 

Harassment of any sort – verbal, physical, visual, – will not be tolerated. Harassment is not necessarily sexual in nature and can take many forms. It may be words, signs, offensive jokes, cartoons, pictures, posters, e-mail jokes or statements, pranks, intimidation, physical assaults, or violence.

• Any incidents of harassment must be immediately reported to a member of the Administration, after which appropriate investigation and disciplinary action will be taken.

Copies of the complete policy on safety, security and health, copies can be obtained at the General Office.

Off Limits Areas 

• Visiting the residence hall of the opposite sex without permission is never allowed. Doing so is grounds for severe disciplinary action.

• Men will not be allowed in the dining hall or public areas of the women’s residence hall except at specified times.

• Students are not to loiter near the residence hall of the opposite sex.

• Students are not to be in the pond.


If any student is guilty of a forbidden activity, discipline measures will take place (see student handbook for these).

Reconciliation and Amnesty 

Allegheny Wesleyan College desires to help each student in his growth and maturity as a Christian, student, and citizen.

If a student is or has engaged in activity that violates AWC policy, recognizes the violation and voluntarily requests help righting the violation, he may request amnesty and receive help through the college.

The Dean of Students will work diligently to help the student through a reconciliation process, but the student must cooperate and comply with all the accountability measures that will be decided by the Discipline Committee or Administration. If the student chooses to comply with the measures he will be helped and restored to the AWC community.


If a student feels they have been falsely accused or do not agree with a discipline measure they may seek appropriate personnel.  Please see student handbook for this.


For All Student Rules And Information, Please Read Student Handbook.

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