Every Person Has a Soul. Every Student Has a Ministry.

Christian Service

Adequate preparation for a life of service for God requires a balance between academic instruction and practical application. All students at Allegheny Wesleyan College are required to participate in a Christian Service group. Most of these services are on a weekly basis. Many students become directly involved in local community churches which they attend; others become involved in various outreach ministries which will place them in contact with a broad cross-section of society. Specific areas of opportunity for service include preaching, evangelistic team outreach, Bible class teaching, Bible club supervision, women’s health clinic (abortion prevention), International Student Fellowship gathering, rest home and nursing home ministries, and an outreach program among juveniles.

AWC has given me a new understanding of what it means to be in full-time ministry. God called me when I was a teenager to be a preacher, and the lectures, revivals, and special services have reinforced and developed that call in my heart. The presence of God is real on the campus and the emphasis on holy living has been very important to me in my spiritual walk. God has used AWC to help me to grow spiritually in such a way that it has given me a fresh perspective on the need in our communities. Each class adds a unique addition to the education and overall emphasis on putting God first in my life.

Chester Waters


Goals of Christian Service

The primary goals of the Christian Service program are: 

  • To provide the student with a variety of ministry opportunities, enabling him/her to gain practical and meaningful experience in line with his/her vocational goal. 
  • To assist the student in discovering his/her gifts and God-given abilities as related to Christian service.
  • To award Christian service credit based on evaluation of student performance.

The specific objectives of the Christian Service program are that the student will be able: 

  • To demonstrate a vision for reaching the lost and a sensitivity to the needs of people.
  • To display a sense of responsibility in carrying out the various assignments.
  • To demonstrate ability to work with different age groups in varying situations.


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