Online Associate of Arts

Choose from Religious Studies or Biblical Studies Tracks

Scholarship and Title IV monies available

Biblical Education

Provides an introduction to the college experience with a biblically grounded educational perspective in the conservative Wesleyan tradition.

Broad Studies

Permits students to complete the introductory courses in Bible/Theology, General Education, and Professional Studies.


Serves as foundational studies for a continuation of academic development toward a Bachelor’s Degree for further kingdom impact.

Online Admissions

Greetings to the Online Associates Program. The online experience may seem daunting at first, but once you are familiar with our learning management system, you will be able to easily navigate through your classes. You will need to submit an online application. Once you are enrolled with AWC, you will become acquainted with Populi, our learning system located online. In Populi, you will be able to view all your courses, access assignments and grades for your individual courses, manage your school finances, and communicate with teachers, staff, and students. If you have any questions about the admissions process, about Populi, or any other general questions, feel free to contact me. We look forward having you as a student of AWC!

Phone: 330.337.6403 ext. 171

Email: registrar@awc.

Online Student Success

Welcome as a student in the Online Associates Program. Online education has its own nuances, and help can be difficult to find if a student encounters a problem. As the head of Student Success, I will do my best to help you if you have particular difficulties relating to navigating the online college experience, acquiring specific academic skills, or receiving tutoring to help with academic success. Although online students are not necessarily on the campus of AWC, we are committed to ensuring that you are able to experience the campus community, as well as access any resources or information that would make the online program as user-friendly as possible. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how you can get the most in your online studies.

Phone: 330.337.6403 ext. 610


Classes in Program

65 Total Credit Hours

BIB 111 Old Testament Literature

BIB 112 New Testament Literature

BIB 152 Acts

BIB 242 Pentateuch

BTH 215 Christian Beliefs

BTH 236 Doctrine of Holiness

English Composition

ENG 121 English Composition I

ENG 122 English Composition II


MAT ___ Math Elective (Choose from MAT 123, 133) 

Arts and Humanities

MUS 211 Introduction to Music

LIT ___ Literature Elective (Choose from LIT 232, 246, 258) 

PHL 252 Introduction to Philosophy

Social and Behavioral Sciences

HIS 432 Modern Church History

HIS ___ History Elective (Choose from HIS 211, 212, 222, 224) 

PSY 111 General Psychology

SCI 261 Physical Science I with Lab

SCI 263 Physical Science II

Oral Communications

SPH 262 Public Speaking

Student Development

DEV 092 Applied Information Literacy (non-credit)

Choose one of the following options. 

Religious Studies Track (12 SH required) 

EDF 210 History and Philosophy of Education

MIS ____ Missions Electives MIS (111, 115) 

MUS 265 Music Ministry in the Church

___ ___ Evangelism Elective (CHM 134; PTH 242; MIS 365) 

Bible/Theology Track (12 SH required) 

Bible/Theology Electives 

Academic Resources