Making Ourselves Available to the Working of the Spirit

At Allegheny Wesleyan College, we place a strong premium on allowing the Holy Spirit to have complete control over our lives and decisions. This purpose was one of the dominant themes in our Spring Revival, where Rev. Darrell Stetler Sr. Shared his burden for the pursuit of holiness in the lives of our young people. With the anointing of the Holy Spirit, he challenged all in attendance to a deeper walk with God, Who has made everything possible for us to live holy lives. This emphasis is key in our day and age, where spiritual wickedness has tried to dim the light of Christ’s holy Church. 

The faculty and staff of AWC are committed to preserving this light of holiness, which has been passed down to us via the medium of the Conservative Holiness Movement. It is our commitment to remain true to our historical roots and propagate our founding teachings to the students training in our courses. Down through the years, graduates of AWC have devoted themselves to the spread of the truths of holiness of heart and life. Experiencing another revival on campus is an additional symbol and vital component of our purpose in this scheme.

The spiritual growth of our students truly is a premium at Allegheny Wesleyan College, and we have taken many measures to ensure that students leave transformed and developed in their personal walk with Christ. We desire to instill a vision for godly living and service into all our students. Some of the ways that we seek to do this include teaching by example, making opportunities for spiritual availability possible for students, and entrusting leadership with the responsibility of mentoring students in the ways of Christian conduct. We constantly encourage young people to place God at the center of their lives both in day-to-day living as well as in life calling. Students are given opportunities for prayer and Bible-study in order to discern the will of the Holy Spirit for their lives. 

The Mission of AWC blends an academic experience with community spiritual growth. Students are not only encouraged to personal growth but also in areas of public testimony and gospel witness. We want our students to develop a confidence in corporate worship and life as they seek to work alongside other members of the Church to reach a world for Christ.

As part of our passion to see young people strengthen their spiritual lives and cultivate belonging among the people of God, we host many other events on campus where students can engage with people from the broader holiness community and have opportunity to participate in group worship. Learn more about these events and demonstrate your support for our young people by attending and praying for the Holy Spirit to have His right of way in their lives.


  1. Brentin Duvall

    I think this page is very good and important for young and old alike to read. It gives them an inside scoop of what our mission is and how we are going about accomplishing that goal.

  2. Jeanne Zvaritch

    Maintaining our heritage is a key element of who we are as a campus family.


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