We thank the Lord for His help during our Get Acquainted Days (GAD)! It was a great event with many fun activities. Young people were able to hang out with each other; be in a good, Christian environment; and experienced a little taste of what college life is like. This year, we had “56” young people who came to the event. The theme of GAD was, “Pursuing Treasure.” It was referenced to, different times, that the treasure we are pursuing is Christ in us. We desire that young people, living in this world, pursue and follow the true treasure – Jesus.

Thank you to each one who came to GAD and helped it be a successful event. I would love to see each one come back to our College Summer Days (CSD), July 17-19, 2024. More information will be sent out as time draws closer to that event. We missed each one that was not able to make it to GAD and would love to see you at CSD or next year’s GAD. Enjoy the rest of your day and hope to see you soon