Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I check out a book?

General circulation checkout is two weeks, and books may be renewed as often as necessary, if not requested by another student or a faculty member.

What are the late fees on overdue books?

A fine of $0.10 per day per book is charged for overdue books and is to be paid when the books are returned. 

What if I lost a book?

If a book is lost, the borrower must pay for the book.

What rules apply to auditing classes?

Those who are full-time students may visit any class, with the instructor’s permission, without charge and without regard to total load. The College does not keep any record of such visits. Another arrangement is possible if one is a part-time or an Adult Continuing Education student: by registering as an auditor one may have the course entered on one’s permanent record with a grade of “Aud,” which will carry no credit. (Not permitted for students on VA benefits.) 

Am I able to take a class at my own pace?

DIS (Directed Independent Studies) courses are approved by the Academic Dean for upperclassmen who are unable to finish required courses for graduation as listed on the academic class schedule. Students may register for DIS classes at registration time or before the drop/add period is over each semester. Students may sign up for additional DIS classes only if they have completed all prior DIS courses. In a degree program no more than twelve credit hours can normally be taken by DIS. No grade will be recorded on the student’s official transcript until all work is completed and the DIS form is properly signed. DIS courses are to be completed by the end of the semester; for seniors, DIS courses must be completed no later than the end of April before their graduation. Inquiries should be addressed to the Office of the Academic Dean.

Do you offer night or weekend classes?

Block & Evening Classes

To meet the needs of individuals who seek college credit courses but are unable to pursue class work in the day sessions, a number of evening and weekend courses are offered on campus. These courses are of the same caliber as those offered in the day sessions and are open to those who are eligible to pursue college work.

Is there a limit on credit hours taken in a semester?

As we endeavor to establish biblical priorities in the use of our time, the number of hours of employment are to be adjusted to the number of class hours as follows: 

18 SH 20 hours of work 

16 SH 26 hours of work 

14 SH 28 hours of work 

12 SH 32 hours of work 

9 SH 40 hours of work 

On-campus students are normally required to take 12 semester hours in order to live on campus. Special permission will be considered by the Dean of Students for situations arising where students feel 40 hours of employment each week is necessary. 

What do I need to do to drop or add a class?

Students may drop or add a class by completing the appropriate form and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar. These forms are effective only when appropriate signatures have been received. They will be accepted only if submitted on or before the last allowable date published in the official academic calendar. Students who cease to attend a class and fail to withdraw officially from a course will be given the grade earned for their performance in the entire course. All missed work and absences will count toward the final grade, which is usually an F.

After the last date to drop a class, and until the date published in the academic calendar as the last date to withdraw from a class, a student may withdraw from a course or courses and receive a grade of WP or WF without affecting the student’s GPA.

The exact date will be published in the course syllabus for courses that do not meet on a weekly basis for the whole semester.

May I repeat a failed class?

A course in which a failing grade is received may be repeated. When repeated, the first course will not be calculated in the students GPA and will be represented by an “R” on the transcript. 

How can I join choir?

Tryouts will be held at the beginning of each semester. The Director of Music will work with you to determine eligibility.

What steps do I take to sing in a music group?

Tryouts for music ministry groups typically take place in the fall semester. As students tryout, they will be placed with different groups of students in an effort to determine which students should be made members of the group/s. Students that have been selected will be notified, and a contract will be discussed and completed to finish the process. 

Do Music Group Members get paid?

Yes.  Amount of contract can be discusssed with the Director of Public Relations.

What's the College Automobile Policy?

Automobile Regulations

• Students with cars on campus must provide a copy of a valid driver’s license, liability insurance, and current vehicle registration. 

• The car must be mechanically sound. 

• All students must obey city, county, and state regulations. 

• Students are to avoid parking in designated parking. 

• All motor vehicles must be kept on the driveways and parking lots. 

• Some personal vehicle maintenance may be performed in designated areas with the permission of the maintenance supervisor.  

• The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour.

• Only licensed and insured individuals are permitted to operate vehicles on the college campus.

What if I don't have transportation?

• Offer a consideration of at least $0.30 a mile when you ride with another individual. 

• If you ask a student to take you where they do not need to go, you should pay at least $0.50 a mile. 

• A student is not to permit other students to drive his or her car without permission from the respective dean. 

• The college will offer transportation to and from the airport. A fee will be charged to cover expenses.

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