Thinking about Attending a Campus Event?  Smart Thinking.

Our Purpose

If you look up the word “Event” there’s a good chance you’ll find “important” in its definition. We have a good number of events that happen throughout the year at Allegheny Wesleyan College and each one is important (otherwise it wouldn’t exist). All these events make for a busy, yet fun and wonderful time on our college grounds. With the different happenings at events, such as singing to learning to sports and relay races, we are committed to providing an experience that is God 1st. We know that a person can have the most fun and the most growth when they are in the right atmosphere and state of being. We enjoy worshipping God daily at our college and we want all attendees to have the opportunity to do so unrestricted.

Being at college has been a growing experience for me in learning more about God, others, and myself. I have enjoyed both the academic and spiritual challenge and the social opportunities of meeting and becoming friends with many new people.

Abigail Wittmer


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