Majors and Concentrations

Our academic programs are structured to prepare Christian workers for ministerial, missionary, music ministry, and Christian education labors.  It is also our purpose to prepare Christian laypersons so they may better serve Christ and the Church.

Pastoral Ministries

The Pastoral Ministries Program is designed to prepare students to perform the duties of the local church. The students will develop the techniques and tools for effective Bible study and will be assisted in acquiring the personal qualifications for the pastoral office. Those who complete the Pastoral Ministries Program will have met the academic requirements for ordination in The Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Connection.

Cross-Cultural Missions

The Cross-Cultural Missions Program is designed to prepare students to serve in the missionary outreach of the Christian faith. Courses are chosen to provide foundational knowledge in Bible, theology, general education, pastoral and Christian ministries, cross-cultural communication, and languages.

Elementary Education Program

The Elementary Education Program, in addition to the emphasis in Bible and theology, concentrates in elementary education with the purpose of helping to prepare the student for the ministry of teaching in private Christian schools and academies.

Music Ministry

Our college recognizes the importance of Christian music in worship services and evangelistic outreach. A wide variety of courses are offered to prepare a Christian worker for music ministry. Students with music abilities who are enrolled in the Pastoral Ministries Program, the Cross-cultural Missions Program, or the Elementary Education Program are encouraged to add to their degrees a minor in Music Ministry.

Religious Studies

The Religious Studies program permits flexibility to students desiring college-level study of the Word of God but who do not necessarily have a call on their hearts to serve as a pastor or teacher in the local church. Students may choose two concentrations to form their professional studies.

One Year Bible/Theology Certificate

The one-year Bible and theology certificate is designed for persons who desire to give one year toward preparation for Christian leadership and service. It is recommended for lay leaders prior to enrollment in a secular degree program elsewhere. It requires completion of twenty-four hours with a concentration in Bible and theology.


The student will . . . 

1. Exhibit a familiarity with the chief events, prominent characters, and main themes of each Old Testament and New testament book in relation to its historical, geographical, and cultural context. 

2. Enunciate clearly the core Bible doctrines of God, man, salvation, and holiness.

Academic policies and regulations are administrated by the Office of the Academic Dean of the College.