Cross-Cultural Missions Program

The student upon completion of the requirements of this program will:

1. Articulate the purpose of the mission of God from Scripture and evaluate it from history.

2. Cultivate strategies for intercultural evangelism.

3. Demonstrate skill in comprehending other cultures and ministering to them.

Bachelor of Arts

Classes in Program

126 Total Credit Hours

BIB 111 Old Testament Literature

BIB 112 New Testament Literature

BIB 152 Acts

BIB 242 Pentateuch

BIB 274 Prophetic Literature

BIB 282 Gospels

BIB 482 Romans & Galatians

BTH 121 Doctrine and Practice of Prayer

BTH 215 Christian Beliefs

BTH 236 Doctrine of Holiness

BTH 452 Apologetics

Bible/Theology Electives* (6hrs)

*BTH 341 and 342 required of Ministerial Track

English Composition

ENG 121 English Composition I

ENG 122 English Composition II


MAT ___Math Elective (Choose from MAT 123, 133) 

Arts and Humanities

MUS 211 Introduction to Music

LIT ___ Literature Elective (Choose from LIT 232, 246, 258) 

PHL 252 Introduction to Philosophy

Social and Behavioral Sciences

HIS 432 Modern Church History

HIS ___ History Elective (Choose from HIS 211, 212, 222, 224)

PSY 111 General Psychology

Natural and Physical Sciences

SCI 261 Physical Science I with Lab

SCI 263 Physical Science II

Interdisciplinary Studies

PHL 482 Faith and Contemporary Issues

Oral Communications

SPH 262 Public Speaking

Student Development

DEV 092 Applied Information Literacy (non-credit)

EDF 210 History and Philosophy of Education

MIS 115 Global Studies Survey*

MIS 111 History of World Missions**

MIS 221 Contemporary Urban Ministry

PTH 244 Church Planting and Discipleship

PTH 255 Ministry Discipleship

MIS 244 World Religions

MIS 332 Principles of Missions

MIS 345 Cultural Diversity

MIS 355 Ministry in the Context of Suffering and Sacrifice

MIS 365 Theology in Missions

MIS 435 Challenges & Practices of Missionary Life

MIS 455 Intercultural Communications

MIS 490 Missionary Internship

MUS 265 Music Ministry in the Church

PTH 242 Principles of Interpersonal Evangelism***

*Ministerial Track takes MIS 111

**Ministerial Concentration takes HIS 431

**Teaching Foundations and Children’s Ministry Tracks take CHM 134

Choose 1 (Pastoral Ministerial, Teaching Foundations, Music or Children’s Ministry)

Pastoral Ministerial Track (12 hours required)

PTH 223 Introduction to Homiletics

PTH 321 Expository Preaching

PTH 334 Church Administration

PTH 335 Pastoral Counseling

Teaching Foundations Track (12 hours required)

EDF 226 Educational Psychology

EDF 236 Methods of Teaching

MIS 325 Teaching Across Cultures

___ ___ Elective (Choose from CHM 144, 233; EDF 352; EDE 3__; PSY 234; PTH 222)

Music Ministry Foundation Track (12 hours required)

MUS 221 Music Theory and Musicianship Skills I

MUS 2__ Music History Elective (Choose from MUS 231, 232, 234)

MUS ___ Choir or Applied Music Elective (2 semesters)

MUS ___ Music Electives (6hrs)

Children’s Ministry Track (12 hours required)

CHM 144 Church Ministries with Children

CHM 233 Creative Bible Teaching

CHM 234 Story Telling

CHM 333 Arts & Visuals

PSY 234 Child/Adolescent Development Psychology

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