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I and II Corinthians
An expository, analytical and practical study of the Corinthian letters giving attention to God’s solution to major problems within this church, the doctrine of holiness, and Christian living. (2 semester hours) Class Code: BIB 394

Instrumental Ensemble
This is a select group of students chosen by the director of music. A variety of pieces will be studied based on the proficiency of the participants. The group will travel with the college choir at the director’s discretion. (.5 semester hour) Class Code: MUS_77, _78

Intercultural Communication
This course considers methods for practical intercultural engagement for effective intercultural engagement. Attention is given to the concept and application of Cultural Intelligence as the student prepares to minister in diverse contexts. (2 semester hours) Class Code: MIS 455

Intermediate Creole
After a short review of Haitian Creole grammar and vocabulary, emphasis will be placed on conversational skills. Readings and translation will guide the student into a fuller understanding of Haitian culture and language. Prerequisites: LNG 231, LNG 232 (3 semester hours each semester) Class Code: LNG 331, 332

Intermediate Greek
Detailed study of advanced Greek grammar, reading in the Greek New Testament, the application of advanced syntactical rules, and an introduction to exegesis. (3 semester hours each semester) Class Code: LNG 313, 314

Intermediate Hebrew
A post-introduction Hebrew course designed to widen the student’s inductive experience in morphology, syntax and vocabulary. This will facilitate exegesis and exposition of Hebrew prose, making Hebrew accessible for pastoral ministry. In latter section of the course the student reads and translates an assortment of literary genres, especially poetry, both lyrical and prophetic. (3 semester hours each semester) Class Code: LNG 325, 326

Intro to Child Evangelism
A foundational course designed to familiarize the prospective children’s worker with Biblical reasons for child evangelism. Basic doctrines, child conversion, and character-building will be reviewed. Students will examine methods of engaging their pupils in learning, giving attention to age-appropriate lessons and learning style differences. Contemporary issues regarding children will be considered. (3 semester hours) Class Code: CHM 134

Introduction to Homiletics
The purpose of this course is to prepare the minister for his pulpit duties. Time is given to sermon preparation and expression. This course includes a comprehensive study of the types of sermons and the principles of construction and delivery. Prerequisite: SPH 262 (3 semester hours) Class Code: PTH 223

Introduction to Judaism
A course designed to trace the rise of Rabbinic Judaism and the history of the Jews after A.D. 70. An examination will be made of the main divisions of modern Jews, i.e., Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform. The course will include studies of the Holocaust and Zionism. (3 semester hours) Class Code: PTH 371

Introduction to Language Learning
This course will train the student in effective principles of language learning, emphasizing Learning Acquisition Made Easy (LAMP), Total Physical Response (TPR), and phonetics. The goal is to provide the student with the knowledge helpful in learning a new language in any context. (1 semester hours) Class Code: MIS 371

Introduction to Music
A course in elementary musicianship, with an overview of music history, basic notation, musical styles and practical experience with conducting patterns. (3 semester hours) Class Code: MUS 211

Introduction to Philosophy
A survey of the leading philosophical views of ancient and modern eras with a critical evaluation of each from the Christian worldview. (3 semester hours) Class Code: PHL 252

Introduction to Youth Ministry
Introduction to Youth Ministry will examine the macro view of youth-related ministries in the context of the local church. This course will explore the roles of the youth pastor, the church, the family, and youth programs. (1 semester hour) Class Code: PTH 222