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An in-depth study of Hebrews and an examination of the authorship, date, purpose, and key themes of the book. Christianity will be compared to and contrasted with Judaism. (2 semester hours) Class Code: BIB 484

Historical Books of the Old Testament
A study of the Historical Books includes Joshua through Esther, and will examine the Conquest, Monarchy Exile, and Restoration of Israel. (2 semester hours) Class Code: BIB 351

History and Philosophy of Education
The course investigates the development of educational philosophies through the pursuit of truth and knowledge, beginning with education in early Bible times through today’s private and public educational systems and philosophies. (3 semester hours) Class Code: EDF 210

History of Minorities in America
A study of the minority groups in America which traces their contributions in our developing society. Attention is given to the understanding of minorities as a basis for their evangelization. Multiculturalism is analyzed within a modern context. (3 semester hours) Class Code: MIS 424

History of the Wesleyan Methodist Church
The founding and development of the Wesleyan Methodist church is traced historically from the time of John Wesley to the present. Special attention will be given to the development in America of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the rise of the national holiness movement and the holiness churches. (1 semester hours) Class Code: HIS 372

History of World Missions
This course is a historical survey of the missionary activities of the Christian church from their beginning to the present. The course consists of a summary of the history of the modern missionary movement and a survey of the various mission fields as they appear today. (3 semester hours) Class Code: MIS 111

A study of the content of Christian faith as expressed in its hymns and the nature and significance of hymn tunes. The history of the authors and composers of well-known hymns will be studied by focusing on the biblical background in music and worship, the nature of worship, music as an aid to worship, and kinds of service music. A number of the best hymns will be memorized. (2 semester hours) Class Code: MUS 264