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General Epistles
This course is an intensive analysis of the epistles of James, Peter, John, and Jude. Contextual materials will be given for each book. Major emphasis will be placed on the practical admonitions for holy living. (2 semester hours) Class Code: BIB 395

General Psychology
The course presents concepts and theoretical practices for understanding psychology. The course addresses factors which affect human behavior and thought processes. It includes the history of psychology, the biological basis of behavior, sensation and perception, learning, memory, intelligence, development, personality, research methodology, abnormal psychology, and various and counseling modalities. (3 semester hours) Class Code: PSY 111

Global Studies Survey
A Christian introduction to global engagement. This course presents biblical, historical, and practical foundations for understanding the mission of God in the world. Provides a basic introduction to engagement with the people of the diverse cultures and religions of the world. (3 semester hours) Class Code: MIS 115

This course is a study of the life and teachings of Christ. Emphasis is placed on significant people, places, and events in the Gospels with a view to discovering theological and hermeneutical issues. (3 semester hours) Class Code: BIB 282