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Faith and Contemporary Issues
This capstone course is a systematic study of the philosophical standard of right and wrong by which men live. The course addresses the moral, social, legal and medical issues of the 21st century. This course will be comprised of lecture by the professor and in-depth presentations by the students. It will require students to draw from a broad range of their educational experiences with an emphasis on life application of a Christian worldview. This course is required in every program. (3 semester hours) Class Code: PHL 482

Fine Art Methods
A study of art, drama, and music methods that maybe used in teaching subject content in the elementary classroom. The course also includes a study of area-specific (art, music, or drama) instruction.  (3 semester hours) Class Code: EDE 322

Finite Mathematics
Finite Mathematics, is an introduction level course in math. The topics include sets and counting, functions, introduction to probability and statistics, combinatorics, interest and annuities, matrix algebra, linear systems, symbolic logic, and mathematical modeling. (3 semester hours) Class Code: MAT 133

Flight Training
This course is scheduled through Salem Air Park. All financial arrangements must be made with Salem Air Park through the Registrar’s office. This training includes ground school and flight training. At the successful conclusion of this course the student will be a qualified pilot. (3 semester hours) Class Code: MIS 180

Formative American History
This course surveys the themes of American exploration, colonization, trends in religious thought, birth of American democracy, development of the constitutional system of the United States, sectionalism, reform movements, the Civil War and Reconstruction. (3 semester hours) Class Code: HIS 222

Fundamentals of English
Students who make less than 60 percent in English placement testing are required to take this course which meets the needs of students who are underprepared for English Composition. The fundamentals of writing and grammar will be reviewed using HAWKES CourseWare, and students will be tutored in writing which will include assignments required for other classes. Students are required to pass Fundamentals of English before being enrolled in English Composition. (3 semester hours, non-academic credit) Class Code: ENG 021

Fundamentals of Math
A course designed to review arithmetic operations with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions; to review the use of percentages; and includes advanced work in factoring, linear equations, graphs, exponents, radicals, ratios, and proportions. (3 semester hours, non-academic credit) Class Code: MAT 010