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Early Church History
This course studies the rise and growth of Christianity during the early period of the Church. The span of study covers the Apostolic Period until the Reformation. Students examine church leaders, theological errors, church councils which dealt with such problems, oppositions from governments and the Jewish community and the result of the split between the East and West Church. (3 semester hours) Class Code: HIS 431

Education Administration
An overview of the organizational requirements for teachers including consideration of teacher records and documentation, laws affecting the classroom (e.g., ADA and FERPA), and the leadership and orientation for parents volunteering in the classroom. (3 semester hours) Class Code: EDF 352

Educational Psychology
A course designed to develop within the prospective teacher the ability to recognize and utilize the basic principles and strategies of sound educational psychology in teaching. (3 semester hours) Class Code: EDF 226

Elementary Creole
Haitian Creole is a course designed to provide a thorough grounding in phonology, grammar, and vocabulary. Writing, reading, and speaking skills will be emphasized and practiced. (3 semester hours each semester) Class Code: LNG 231, 232

Elementary Greek
The basic elements of the Greek language are presented in this course. Careful attention is given to grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and the reading of selected portions of the Greek New Testament. (3 semester hours each semester) Class Code: LNG 213, 214

Elementary Hebrew
Basic elements of the Hebrew language are presented in this course. Attention is given to grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and strong verb system. Second semester is a continuation, with emphasis on the weak verb. (3 semester hours each semester) Class Code: LNG 323, 324

Elementary Music Methods
Introduces the teacher candidate to the literature, methods, and materials used in teaching music to elmentary level children. The methodology of Orff, Kodaly, Gordon, and Dalcroze will be introduced. (3 semester hours) Class Code: MUS 329

English Composition I
English Composition I focuses on improving student writing by developing information literacy; using critical thinking strategies when reading, writing, and revising; understanding the composing process; and choosing appropriate conventions in writing for different purposes. Writing projects can include narrative and expository essays, analytical book reviews, resumes, and essay exams. Roughly 20 total pages of written work will be composed during the semester. Co-requisite: DEV 092 (3 semester hours + 1 semester hour, DEV 092, Applied Information Literacy) Class Code: ENG 121

English Composition II
English Composition II continues the concepts and techniques taught in Composition I. However, Composition II focuses upon academic writing and information literacy. Students will learn skills for effective research and the ethical use and proper citation of sources using the Chicago/Turabian style. Writing projects can include analytical book review, essays, annotated bibliography, and a formal research paper. A minimum of 5000 words or roughly 20 pages of writing will be produced by the end of the semester. Prerequisites: ENG 121 (3 semester hours) Class Code: ENG 122

Expository Preaching
This course is designed to deal with the principles and practices of expository preaching. The student will examine various methods of analyzing a passage of Scripture. The significant place of theology in the role of preaching will be emphasized, with particular emphasis given to the doctrine of holiness. Students will be given the opportunity to preach in various settings. Prerequisites: SPH 262, PTH 223 (3 semester hours) Class Code: PTH 321