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Daniel and Revelation
A detailed study of the background and content of these two books of prophecy, with special care taken to understand interpretation of apocalyptic literature. This study is from a premillennial viewpoint with an emphasis on eschatology. (2 semester hours) Class Code: BIB 471

The course employs the International Phonetic Alphabet (I.P.A) as the standard of correct pronunciation for singing in French, Italian, German, and Latin (2 semester hours) Class Code: MUS 326

Doctrine and Practice of Prayer
This course is designed to introduce students to biblical, theological, and practical aspects of human intercession with God. Great prayers from scripture will be examined. (1 semester hours) Class Code: BTH 121

Doctrine of Holiness
An extensive study of the doctrine of holiness, designed to trace the development of the doctrine throughout the history of the Old and New Testaments to the present. The course focuses on the biblical and theological definitions of the term holiness and its synonyms. Emphasis is also given to practical matters, including the steps one utilizes to obtain the Wesleyan understanding of perfect love. (3 semester hours) Class Code: BTH 236