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Challenges/Practices of Missionary Life
Acquaints the prospective missionary with missionary life and work on the field. Particular emphasis is given to the missionary relationship to the national church, other missionaries and the supporting constituency. Case studies and problems of mission life are to be studied. (3 semester hours) Class Code: MIS 435

Child/Adolescent Development Psychology
Combines a chronological and topical approach to child and adolescent development to give an emphasis to the biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial aspects of development at each age level. Prerequisite: PSY 111 (3 semester hours) Class Code: PSY 234

Children’s Literature
This course is designed to develop criteria for selecting and evaluating literature for the elementary child and to develop skills in using literature in the classroom. (3 semester hours) Class Code: EDE 361

Consists of all students with musical talent who can travel during the school year on weekends in addition to a fall and a spring tour. Admission is by audition only. (.5 semester hour) Class Code: MUS _37, _38

Choral Methods
The study of methods and materials for training choral groups in the Christian school and church. (3 semester hours) Class Code: MUS 426

Christian Beliefs
This course introduces biblical theology from a Wesleyan-Arminian view and reflects basic Christian core concepts of God, man, and salvation. (3 semester hours) Class Code: BTH 215

Christian Literature
This course instills a knowledge and appreciation of three genres in Christian literature – historical literature (early Christian church to present); literature that promotes the development of the Christian life; and literature that deals with pain and suffering in the human experience. (3 semester hours) Class Code: LIT 258

Christian Service
This program is designed to develop certain qualities in the students and prepare them to minister to the public. Leadership skills, organizational skills, dependency upon God, spiritual maturity, and the joy of Christian service are just a few of the qualities this program assists in developing. The areas of service include local church programs, children’s work, nursing home ministries, and correctional facilities ministries. (.5 noncredit) Class Code: PTH _13, _14

Church Administration
This course is designed to provide an understanding of the pastoral office necessary for the practice of pastoral ministry. Attention will be focused on practical matters such as pastoral administration, conducting a wedding, funeral, and communion service along with baptizing new converts. Ministerial ethics will be stressed throughout the course. (3 semester hours) Class Code: PTH 334

Church Ministries with Children
A course to develop students’ effectiveness in the local church’s Sunday School and Children’s Church programs. Classroom management, discipline, legal concerns, incentives, and reinforcements are considered for church settings. Bus ministry, home calls, and parental involvement are emphasized. (2 semester hours) Class Code: CHM 144

Church Planting and Discipleship
Provides a basis for the scriptural and needsfocused ministry for both church planting and growth. This course explores guides for making disciples of converts and developing and multiplying congregations. (1 semester hour) Class Code: PTH 244

Classroom Management
This course explores several models of classroom management. Stress is placed on a practical case-study approach to effective and efficient classroom control. Emphasis also includes the development of a personal system of classroom management. (3 semester hours) Class Code: EDE 421

College Algebra
Basic concepts of algebra, including real numbers, linear equations, polynomials, factoring, rational algebraic expressions, irrational equations, exponents and radicals, logarithmic and exponential functions, graphs of equations, and quadratic equations. (3 semester hours) Class Code: MAT 123

Contemporary Urban Ministry
Contemporary approaches to relief work, community development, and racial reconciliation will be observed. The class will examine approaches to church outreach/evangelism and urban church planting. The heritage of Wesleyan urban ministry will be briefly surveyed, and principles drawn for modern application. The student will move toward constructing a biblical, personal, and contextual philosophy of ministry for the modern urban environment. (2 semester hours) Class Code: MIS 221

Corrective Reading Strategies
This course extends the instruction regarding reading to include the evaluation of students’ reading abilities, diagnosing of reading weaknesses, and creating and implementing corrective strategies to assist the student in achieving the reading level appropriate to grade level. (3 semester hours) Class Code: EDE 365

Creative Bible Teaching
Students learn to use materials and methods of instruction appropriate for the study of God’s Word in children’s outreach. Various open-air evangelism techniques and published resources are introduced. Students are trained to teach basic doctrines, using principles of Bible study and interpretation. (3 semester hours) Class Code: CHM 233

Creative Writing
A course in the fundamentals of writing fiction or non-fiction in short story form. Special attention is given to writing works of religious interest and may include: personal experiences, devotionals, informative feature articles as well as stories but all with the goal of being published. (3 semester hours) Class Code: ENG 332

Cultural Diversity
This course provides prospective missionaries with a means for understanding the peoples of the world and their cultures. It includes an examination of various cultures of the world as they relate to technological, economic, social, political and religious aspects. (3 semester hours) Class Code: MIS 345