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Experiences in keyboard accompanying of vocalists, instrumentalists, ensembles, and choirs. A grade for zero credit hours is given (0 semester hours) Class Code: MUS _57, _58

A study centering on the book of Acts with emphasis on the historical origins of the early church and central themes of the book. (3 semester hours) Class Code: BIB 152

Advanced Conducting
A continuation of MUS 323 with more detailed work in baton technique, score reading, rehearsal technique and conducting larger works. Students will demonstrate through practical rehearsal and performance conducting with a choir and instrumental groups. Independent studies include visitation of various choir and instrumental groups at schools, score analysis and reading (2 semester hours) Class Code: MUS 324

Advanced Homiletics
This course focuses upon the development of the messenger and the message. The significant place of theology in the role of preaching will be underscored, with particular emphasis given to the doctrine of holiness. Students will be given opportunities to preach in chapel services and in prayer meetings. Prerequisites: SPH 262, PTH 223 (3 semester hours) Class Code: PTH 224

American Government
A study of the American government as presented in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Structured to encourage students to become further involved both in the study of government and the governing process (3 semester hours) Class Code: HIS 322

American Literature
A chronological survey of the development of American thought and ideals revealed in literature from the Puritan period to the present. Emphasis is placed upon a critical reading of literature from an accurate historical and cultural context and from a biblical worldview. (3 semester hours) Class Code: LIT 232

A systematic, argumentative discourse in defense of the divine origin and authority of the Christian faith with special attention given to the importance of apologetics, world view, the existence of God, the person of Christ, the reliability of Scripture, and the nature of miracles. Prerequisites: BTH 215; BTH 236 (3 semester hours) Class Code: BTH 452

Applied Information Literacy
A practical and preparatory course designed to aid the student in adjusting to a new environment. Methods of study for all fields are given. Use of the library, study time, etc., are considered. (1 semester hour, grade reflected in (ENG 121) English Composition I)) Class Code: DEV 092

Applied Music—Instrument
A study of a particular instrument in areas of technic, method, and theory. Thirty-minute lessons require two and a half hours of practice per week (.5 semester hour) Class Code: ___ _35, _36 (Beginner) ___ _45, _46 (Non Music Major) ___ _55, _56 (Music Major) ___ _65, _66 (Advanced Music Major)

Applied Music—Organ
A study of the organ, especially for playing in church services. Thirty-minute lessons require two and a half hours of practice per week (.5 semester hour) Class Code: ORG _35, _36 (Beginner) ORG _45, _46 (Non Music Major) ORG _55, _56 (Music Major) ORG _65, _66 (Advanced Music Major)

Applied Music—Piano
Selections from the classics are studied as well as church service playing in its various facets. Thirty-minute lessons require two and a half hours of practice per week (.5 semester hour) Class Code: PIA _35, _36 (Beginner) PIA _45, _46 (Non Music Major) PIA _55, _56 (Music Major) PIA _65, _66 (Advanced Music Major)

Applied Music—Voice
The study of voice follows a concentration of the fundamental principles of tone production including the free emission of pure vowel sounds, proper consonant production, adequate control and avenues of scale tones through the use of vocal release and phrasing. A repertoire is formed based on the needs of the individual student, especially in relation to his future musical ministry. Thirty-minute lessons require two and a half hours of practice per week. (.5 semester hour) Class Code: VOI _35, _36 (Beginner) VOI _45, _46 (Non Music Major) VOI _55, _56 (Music Major) VOI _65, _66 (Advanced Music Major)

Arts & Visuals
Emphasizes creative art work in preparing songs, verses, object lessons, backdrops, props, classrooms, fliers, and invitations. Simple, basic, inexpensive materials are utilized. Students will also be acquainted with the details of visuals appropriate for Vacation Bible Schools, church camps, and other large groups of children. (3 semester hours) Class Code: CHM 333