Campus Setting

Salem is located in Columbiana County, approximately twenty miles southwest of Youngstown, Ohio, on Route 62. The campus, located two miles south of the manufacturing town of Salem, is composed of over forty acres and is centrally located among the metropolitan areas of Youngstown, Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Living within driving distance of these cities enables students to take advantage of the cultural attractions of large cities. Major airlines have service as close as the Pittsburgh, Akron-Canton, Cleveland, and Youngstown airports.

The diversified industries of the Salem area make it a fast-growing community and offer the working student suitable employment. This secluded area, just a short distance from the bustle of secular business, gives one a feeling of security in a wholesome atmosphere. Learn more about our location here.


Administration Building 

This central campus building is where you’ll want to go for the General Office, Business Office, Financial Aid Office, President’s Office, Public Relation’s Office, Chapel, and the AD1 Classroom.


Sexton Hall

Sexton Hall is where you will be a student of learning. It houses the AWC Library (with computer lab) and two classrooms (SH1 and SH2).


Academic Office

This three-story old farm house has played many roles for our campus dorm, staff, and student housing. Renovated in 2016, it now contains offices for the registrar and academic dean.


Rhoades Hall

Rhoades Hall is known for where the activities happen. Inside is a Gymnasium and student center. Check out the current project for the new Recreational Center.


Women’s Residence Hall

Standing 3 stories high, you’ll find the dining hall, kitchen, laundry facilities (all on ground floor), and the ladies residence (second and third floors).


Leyshon Hall

Leyshon Hall is the name of the men’s residence hall. All three floors are used for men’s dorm rooms, with the lower floor also containing the laundry room and kitchen.


Blair Hall

When you need to go to the bookstore, have your picture taken for yearbook, or spend time in the music department, this is the place. Faculty offices are also located here.

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