Campus Updates


2021 National Day of Prayer

Thursday we were honored to participate in the Salem National Day of Prayer observance held in the Salem Memorial Building. The AWC ensemble, the two PR groups, a couple faculty members, and President Hardy had some part in the community event. It was wonderful to represent our movement and its heritage of prayer in such a dark day. We hope that our ministry had an impact on the people of Salem, and we were blessed to pray alongside fellow community members for the restoration of our nation in all respects. May the prayers that we pray not stop after a single day dedicated for prayer, but let our prayers continue in daily and fervent consistency for our nation.

2021 Get-Acquainted Days

Get-Acquainted Days started on Thursday afternoon and lasted clear through Friday. A significant number of energetic young people were mingling with students and participating in activities together. We were excited to see so many prospective students considering AWC for their college experience. They were introduced to the various programs offered: Pastoral Ministries, Cross-Cultural Missions, Music Ministry, and Elementary Education, along with other course route combinations. The theme of Get-Acquainted Days was Pillars. The visiting youth were challenged to take the necessary steps of preparation in order to be a pillar in God’s kingdom. They were encouraged to seek God’s will for Bible college and to place Him first in their lives. In the closing rally of the event, President Hardy gave a stirring admonition for the young people to make choices that will enable them to be strong spiritual pillars in the lives of others. After the rally, everyone enjoyed further activities together, and the event finally came to a close. God blessed us during Get-Acquainted Days 2021 with many students filling out applications to come in the fall semester. We are excited to be a part of the plan of God for guiding young people to serve God to the best of their capacity!

2021 Senior Presentations

This week we were excited to have our seniors present their senior presentations for Faith and Contemporary Issues! We are proud of Evan Letonek, Lee Pears, Nick Gullat, and Stephanie Neely for this milestone in their lives, and we pray that they will be able to apply what they have learned here at AWC to successfully find and do the will of God.

2021 IHC

This week the AWC choir and PR groups had the opportunity to travel to IHC in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The PR groups had the opportunity to sing in the Bible Study and in Time of Discovery for the youth. The choir sang several songs in the Tuesday evening service. It was convenient being a short walk away from the hotel the choir occupied. The convention, led by Reverend James Plank, had the theme, “When He Is Come.” This phrase alludes to the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and the messages at the convention were focused on the beauty, power, and necessity of the Holy Spirit. IHC was a great opportunity for our young people to meet other young people of the Holiness movement and to sense the working of God throughout our nation. We were proud to represent the mission of our college to train young people for kingdom work. By seeking the fresh help of the Holy Spirit and maintaining fellowship one with another, we can gain the power and resources necessary to reach the lost in our world. Thank the Lord for all the people who are devoted to seeing the furtherance of His kingdom.

2021 Ministerial Convention

This week the Allegheny Ministerial Convention held at the Canton First Church. The AWC choir was privileged to sing at the Wednesday afternoon and evening sessions. In addition, the elementary education students were able to provide services for the children. The students came and drank in the practical spiritual admonition given at the convention. Topics varied widely and included church shooter awareness, the fruits and gifts of the Spirit, and the need for intentional reading and study of not only God’s Word but also books on various issues relating to the principles in God’s Word. The information given at the convention was pertinent to the issues our churches are facing. Young and elderly alike gained new insight into the work of ministry. We are thankful for the refreshing nature of the Ministerial Convention in these times of turmoil and difficulty.

2021 Appreciation Banquet

On Thursday, we held our annual Appreciation Banquet in honor of those who have sacrificed of their time and money to see the cause of Allegheny Wesleyan College go forward. We enjoyed delicious food, and the D. R. Kaufman Building was decorated beautifully for the occasion. It truly was a blessing to have ample space to hold the banquet. The evening was filled with beautiful orchestra music, stirring testimonies of students and teachers alike, and singing that was appropriate for the occasion. We were sad to hear that Rev. Rodger Stearns is taking a well-deserved retirement from teaching, and we appreciate his passion for his students and for the Word of God. Over $70,000 in scholarship monies was given to needy and deserving students. The Lord has truly blessed us beyond measure, and we are grateful to the individuals who have given of their hard-earned resources to help in the lives of young people. As a matter of fact, a good number of the students that received the scholarships are first-generation Christians, thanks to the grace of God. In light of God’s blessings to AWC, we will go on to give back to Him and His work here so that our students may, in turn, bless others around them.

2021 Choir Tour

What a time the choir had on Spring Choir Tour! It was a tour that produced a mixture of fun and excitement with wonderful services and spiritual blessings. The choir was able to minister at churches in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, and Ohio. We are thankful for a group of young men and women students who worship God in their lives and show God in their song and testimony. We thank God for His great presence in service after service. We are always grateful for the hospitality that many different ones afforded our choir with food and lodging and this year was no exception – thank you all for your part, we deeply appreciate it! We are especially thankful to our bus driver, Brother Andy Cooley, for safely driving the choir over 3,000 miles! Getting to share in worship and praise with people all across the country was a great privilege of ours! We trust that God will receive all the honor from this tour.

2021 Missionaries from India

We were privileged this week to have missionaries from India come speak at our Wednesday evening prayer meeting. Andrew Street and his wife, Morgan, came and spoke of the opportunities for Business As Missions endeavors as well as the great need in India for laborers. Although missionaries are needed desperately in India, the country is closed to missionary visas. However, entry is granted to people with business visas. As a result, interpersonal evangelism is becoming a greater necessity. Christian workers are needed who are willing to work long, hard hours in order to touch people’s lives in everyday activities. With abuse and human trafficking skyrocketing in India, the need for aware and determined missionaries increases. Our mission at Allegheny Wesleyan College is to train young people to be effective holiness laborers and witnesses in a social context. We desire to help our students to catch the vision of the quantity and various types of laborers that are needed to reach a lost and dying world.

2021 Missions Convention


On Tuesday of this week we were excited to have the Allegheny Missions Convention hold services on campus and at the Salem Wesleyan Methodist Church. In the morning session, Rev. Gabriel Clyde spoke about Youth in Missions and the heart of missionary work. The Rev. Daniel Hardy Jr. family sang a beautiful special in the afternoon service, and Sarah Hardy gave her personal testimony of how God led her to Northwest Indian Bible School and how God was working in the lives of the Native Americans. In the final evening service, Rev. Daniel Hardy Jr. gave a moving account of the struggles and end goal involved in the ministry at NIBS. Rev. Dan Kaufman closed the convention with a stirring call for missionaries across the world. May the needy people around us give us a deeper burden to support missions and go forth to proclaim the gospel. 

2021 Singspiration

This past week has been full of excitement indeed! It was School Spirit Week, and the students, along with the staff and faculty, participated with much energy and creativity. The various themes were Messed-up Monday, Twin Tuesday, Work-Force Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Faculty and Staff Friday. The many outfits that were put together were funny and thoughtful.

However, the main highlight of this week was our annual Singspiration in the D.R. Kaufman Memorial Building, which was dedicated about a year ago. It was quite a disappointment when schooling became remote immediately following the dedication of the brand new building. However, we are grateful for the wonderful enrollment God has given us this year, and we are thoroughly enjoying the blessing of the D.R. Kaufman Memorial Building. This year’s Singspiration included a beautiful music service, along with activities for the young people following the service. It is wonderful to fellowship together with music and wholesome entertainment.