Campus Updates

Rejoicing in the Fruitful Lives of Our Alumni

Harvest Day was a joyful time of celebration as we commemorated the hand of God in the lives of previous students and how God has used the dedicated staff and faculty of AWC down through the years to impact individuals for eternity. We are grateful for those...

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A New Beginning in the Lives of Precious Young People

As we enter this new school year, we have been blessed by a precious group of new young people studying on campus. We welcome back all the returning students and faculty to our campus, and we are glad to have a few new additions serving as part of our team. We have...

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The Busy Happenings Throughout the Summer Months

This summer proved to have times when the campus was silent and times when we had more activity than is present on campus all year. Rejoice, Proclaim, and the Youth Camp Team have been traveling as public relations groups to various churches, church camps, and youth...

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Clock Tower Dedication

We rejoiced in the heritage of holiness as we gathered for the Clock Tower Dedication. The Clock Tower was in honor of Rev. William and Rosemary Cope for their spiritual example in holiness, but many other parts of the Clock Tower were in honor of other great heroes...

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Commencement 2023 was a momentous occasion where 7 AWC graduates entered the world of service beyond the halls of academia. The Faculty and Staff are thrilled to see how God has moved in the lives of these students! We were excited to have two valedictorians for this...

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Spring Choir Tour

Spring Choir Tour was a wonderful time where God was worshiped music of the AWC Choir, which traveled through states such as Virginia and North Carolina, to Louisianna, and looping through Arkansas, Missouri, and Indiana. By the time the time the choir returned to...

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