Campus Updates


2022 Thanksgiving Banquet

The Thanksgiving Celebration is a highlight for our students where we gather together to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal, to share our blessings, and to worship with music. At the Thanksgiving Celebration, a large number of funded scholarships are given to our students to help them with their school bills, and this encourages needy students in their pursuit of God’s will for their lives. We are grateful for God’s people who make such gifts possible. God has provided so much for us, and we owe Him all the praise.

2022 Harvest Day

Harvest Day 2022 was a special treat! It was wonderful to be able to honor the represented alumni. We were privileged to hear from three of the people represented this year: Rev. Troy Muir, Melody Fair, and Karen Newman. It was a great encouragement to see how God has been working in the lives of these individuals who were in part impacted by Allegheny Wesleyan College. The alumni president, Rev. Douglas Strawn, presented the alumni project, special furniture for Rhoades Hall. The instrumental ensemble and the college choir provided beautiful music for the rest of the service. At the end of the service, we enjoyed the annual tradition: the college and combined academy mass choir!  After the service, the various academic departments showecased their projects and majors, and the participants enjoyed food and fellowship. We are grateful for the extended campus family represented by the body of alumni who help support and encourage the work at AWC, whether through monetary support, food donations, or prayer support.

Library Week and Missions Week

Library Week was filled with activities and contests centered around literature and library materials. This event promoted a better awareness of the tools of the library and information literacy. Our librarian staff work tirelessly to provide the proper resources and assistance to our students and faculty for an improved educational experience.


In addition to Library Week, we also had Missions Week, where we kept a focus on the work of God’s Mission in the world. The Sam West family held several services on Wednesday sharing about the work of God through Allegheny Missions in Ghana. We were encouraged to hear of God’s help in children’s services and in the training of national spiritual leaders, who are in turn starting to pass the truth of God’s Word along. Pray that God continues to bless in the work at Buntum, Ghana, and that God helps us to be a useful instrument as He calls, equips, and sends young people into the Harvest field.

2022 Fall Revival

Our hearts were refreshed with the anointed ministry of Rev. Terrence Tiberio in the chapels and evening services. Rev. Tiberio brought messeges from the heart and drew from his experiences in pastoring and working with the International Student Foundation. Given his experience in working with international, he was able to convey simple truths with deep impact. The theme of revival centered around his question to be seriously pondered, “Am I Teachable?” He shared ways that we can be taught of the Holy Spirit through circumstaces, other people, and, most importantly, a close relationship with Jesus. He often said that only two people mattered, “You and Jesus.” We were admonished as a campus body to develop such a beautiful, individual relationship with Jesus that He can lead us in every aspect of life. Truly, the message of Christ is central to all that we believe and hold dear. Our hearts were stirred, and we are continuing in prayer that God would work and lead in the lives of our students. 

2022 Pioneer Rally

We were privileged to have Rev. Daniel Kaufman and Brother Hoff for the college Pioneer Rally Chapel. Rev. Kaufman shared about the work of pioneer churches and of the need for new pastors to fill roles and start new churches. He challenged the young people with examples of individuals who were directed of God to fill in the gap for churches. Brother Hoff then shared how the Lord led him to join Allegheny and take the Cabin Run pioneer church. Our mission remains to provide well-equipped laborers for the work of God’s harvest field. As we labor at AWC, pray for us that God uses the college as part of His desire to “send forth labourers into his harvest.”

2022 Fall Semester Begins!

The Fall 2022 Semester is underway! We are excited to welcome a new, bright-eyed freshman class and all returning students. Freshman Orientation began the weekend before school started to help acclimate the new students to the campus, the faculty and staff, and the basics of college life at AWC. Orientation culminated in a special welcome rally hosted by Student Counsel. The following day, classes commenced for all students. We are glad for the new and fresh start of the semester, and we want to remain conscious of our constant mission to prepare young people for kingdom work. Without the presence of God, all of our efforts are vain. Pray that the wonderful spiritual liberty of the past semester would be seen in the coming days. II Corinthians 3:17 shows that “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” We are seeking God’s face for a revival and spiritual openness across the campus of AWC, and we want all our activities to be an invitation for God’s glory to descend.

2022 Commencement

As we begin this new semester, we are grateful for how the past graduating class is entering into the work of the Lord. Commencement 2022 was a moving commemoration of the accomplishments of AWC’s 15 graduates and a stirring reminder of the urgency of the Great Commission. The class motto was “God’s last command: our first concern,” and it is fitting in light of the mission of AWC to remember that our purpose is to prepare laborers to reach the farthest corners of the earth or the neighborhood next door. A few examples of how our graduates are entering forms of ministry include Jessica Tomek at Northwest Indian Bible School, Madison Calvert at New Bethlehem Wesleyan Methodist School, and Laura Geul at Awake Cafe in Detroit, Michigan.

Thanks are due to all who have invested in the lives of these fine young people and have given them examples of heartfelt ministry. With the many blessings God has given our graduates, we are convinced that God will enable them, in whatever capacity He has called them, to fulfill His great will with a heart full of praise to the Lord.

2022 National Day of Prayer

It was privilege to represent AWC at the Salem National Day of Prayer gathering. The AWC orchestra and music groups were able to minister in song as the community met for a special time of prayer for our nation. Various institutions of our nation were emphasized in prayer, such as family, business, media, and education. Recognizing that every area of our society needs the help of God brings the light the desperate need for revival in the United States. Although the National Day of Prayer has passed, let us continue to pray for the awakening of the American people. II Chronicles 7:14 states, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Praise God, there is hope for our land!

2022 Get-Acquainted Days

Get-Acquainted Days 2022 was a joy for the campus community! We were excited to welcome around 60 prospective students on campus to consider AWC’s potential part of God’s plan for their lives. The event theme for this year was Uniquely Woven and was based upon Romans 11:29, “For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” God has given every young person unrevokable talents for His service. Through all the class sessions and program presentations, the primary purpose of Get-Acquainted Days is to provide a vision to young people about how God can develop and use their abilities for His glory. The opportunities of a life completely consecrated to God and His will are boundless and satisfying. Praise the Lord for His power and plans for the present generation!

2022 Appreciation Banquet

We are grateful to all who attended the Appreciation Banquet and made it possible by giving toward the needs of students. Over $63,000 worth of scholarships were given to needy students in support of their striving and studying to find and do the will of God! The Lord has truly blessed us with a wonderful support community who encourage AWC in its mission to prepare young people to do the work of the Lord, at home and abroad. We were privileged to hear from missionaries who testified of AWC’s impact in preparing them for service to God in cross-cultural settings. In addition, President Hardy presented current information about the progressing plans for the completion of the William and Rosemary Cope Clock Tower and encouraged our hearts in the remembrance of the wonderful Wesleyan heritage we experience as a holiness Bible college. As we recognize God’s hand on AWC, we are humbled to think about what God has accomplished and continues to accomplish on the behalf of our generation. Praise God for His continued presence and for the support He sends to us through His people!