Campus Updates


2021 Thanksgiving Banquet

The Thanksgiving Banquet, hosted by the Class of 2024, was a wonderful occasion to think on God’s material and spiritual blessing throughout the previous year, and the kitchen staff provided a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner. The Lord has graciously supplied for our every need on campus and has blessed us beyond imagination in the various projects like the Clock Tower, the David L. Gallit Memorial Park, and renovation of Rhoades Hall. Beyond these blessings, God has made Himself manifest on campus through godly teachers and staff, as well as in the weekly chapel services and prayer meeting. Without God, our endeavors to train young people for His service would be in vain. The social and academic environment of AWC cannot be effective without God’s spiritual help.

This Thanksgiving, many funded scholarships were given to students who needed help paying their bills for the fall or coming spring semester. Our students are grateful for this form of provision that enables them to focus upon their studies and afford their education. God provides for every need of His children. Thank the Lord for what He has done and is going to do!

2021 Pavilion Dedication

The pavilion project has been completed, and the donor, Dr. David Gallit arrived on campus for the dedication ceremony. He spoke in the AWC chapel about some of his experiences in the Christian academy that was originally held on the same grounds as AWC. He emphasized the immense privilege of having a Christian education and environment in a rapidly deteriorating world. After the chapel service, all present, including staff, faculty, students, and some of those involved with its construction proceeded to the pavilion, where the official dedication ceremony was held. Along with the pavilion, Dr. Gallit provided the fencing and bleachers for the ball field. The David L. Gallit Memorial Park will serve as a wonderful blessing in the years to come as students and college workers alike utilize it for God-honoring recreation. This blessing is another example of how God is working at AWC and is showing His care for His children.

2021 Interactive Panels

God’s ways are wonderful! Someone contacted the college and purchased brand new interactive display panels for each classroom on campus. Along with many other functions useful for instruction, these panels will function as digital marker boards and will be able to replace the use of projectors. The panels were delivered on campus by truck, and the teachers are anticipating their installment. Although interactive displays were part of the future plans of the campus, the future appeared distant. Thus, it was a pleasant surprise to receive such a timely gift in conjunction with the classroom renovations in Rhoades Hall. Praise the Lord for His continued help to the AWC campus and the work that He wants to do in the future!

2021 Fall Fest and Harvest Day

AWC Fall Fest Day took place, when the morning was spent cleaning in preparation for the Harvest Day event and the rest of the day involved food, fellowship, and relaxation as a campus family. It was a delight to have widespread participation in the work and festivities by both students and the faculty and staff.


It was our privilege as Allegheny Wesleyan College to host the annual Harvest Day event as well. This event is a time where we recollect on God’s goodness to the college through the years as a collective campus-alumni body. The service involved the commemoration of alumni and the presentation of the alumni offering project, classroom tables for the new classrooms in Rhoades Hall. The AWC orchestra and choir presented God-honoring music in the latter part of the service.


Thanks are in order for the individuals who traveled many miles and gave of their time to show their support of the college. Many people gave food donations to the campus dining hall to help with weekly campus meals. Our campus community is grateful for the love, support, and prayers that have been sent our way.

2021 Allegheny Educators’ Convention

This week AWC hosted the Allegheny Educators’ Banquet and Convention. On Thursday night the banquet was held with wonderful food, heart-felt music, and passionate speaking. Friday morning the Educators’ Convention took place with sessions relating to awareness and further development of Christian education. As Allegheny Wesleyan College, our focus is toward training young people to fulfill God’s plan in some degree of ministry, and a premium is placed on the value of God-fearing educators and education for the training of a new generation in the ways of God. Praise God for this powerful way of influencing young people to serve Christ from an early age.

2021 Fall Revival

This week our campus family was privileged to have the ministry of Rev. and Mrs. Dan Kaufman for revival. The Lord came and blessed the services through their spirit-anointed ministry and the special singing of various groups throughout the week. Many students sought help in the altar services, and the revival was a special time of soul-searching. Our prayer lives were strengthened, and our spirits felt revived as a result of God’s presence in our midst. Praise the Lord for meeting with His people in 2021.

Rhoades Hall Update

Rhoades Hall is quickly coming into shape. The metal roofing has been installed, and the interior ducts and drywall have been nearly completed. We are greatly anticipating the new classrooms that will be available as a result of these renovations. In addition, the Student Center will be receiving further attention for a fresh look. We are grateful for the opportunities to expand our capabilities for training young people for service to the Lord.

Clock Tower Update

It was a momentous occasion to witness the installment of the upper section of the Clock Tower. Our students and faculty gathered to watch the process, which unfolded smoothly, thanks to God. We are grateful for God’s continual blessings toward the college and His protection of the workers involved in each of the campus projects. The basic framed structure of the tower is now completed, graced by a small finial on the top. Let us continue in prayer that the rest of the project will progress according to plan and will bring glory to God at its completion.

Clock Tower Update

 Update on the Clock Tower! The project has rapidly unfolded since the June update. The campus body praises the Lord for the progress in construction and is greatly anticipating hearing its musical notes that will waft across campus and will lift spirits to glorify God in heaven.

The top of the Clock Tower is now mostly assembled and the metal roofing will be finished in the coming days to follow. Once completed, it will be placed on the tower. In addition, the Contemplation Wall (the wall at the base of the tower) is taking shape. Almost each day, workers, including some of AWC’s skilled students, are giving time and effort toward reaching the finished product.

2021 Freshman Orientation

The 2021 Fall Semester has started. The campus became alive once more as the freshmen came for Freshman Orientation on Friday. Student Life introduced the newcomers to one another and helped the new students transition into college life. Once they were settled into their new surroundings, the students registered for their classes, which convened on Wednesday. Wednesday evening President Hardy challenged the freshman and previous students alike to grow spiritually throughout the semester. The AWC community is dedicated to aiding students in drawing closer to Christ, finding His will, and doing it. Praise the Lord for an abundance of new students, a group of passionate faculty, and the sense of His presence on the grounds of AWC.