Campus Updates


2023 Thanksgiving Celebration

The Thanksgiving Celebration was a wonderful time to be able to share in the blessings that God has worked on our behalf. When we truly begin to realize what God has done for us, our hearts begin to warm with the realization that He is taking tender care of His children. We heard stories from a couple students who are missionary youth about how Thanksgiving was celebrated away from home, and Victor Sanders shared about how a Haitian friend of his surprised them at Thanksgiving by bringing a turkey he had raised just for the sole purpose of giving it as a gift to the missionaries. God has ways of blessing those who are in His work, and those who are far away from the comforts of friends or home can have that knowledge that God is meeting their needs. As a campus family God has been meeting our needs and the needs of our students. Many of the students received scholarships to help them with their school bills. We are so grateful to God for moving on the hearts of our gracious donors to help finance these young people who are endeavoring to glorify God at AWC. Thank you for your many prayers that you offer on our behalf. We are truly indebted to God and to our fellow believers for the wonderful opportunities and encouragements that have come our way. As we approach the Thanksgiving season, let us remember to thank the Lord for everything that He has so graciously provided!

2023 Harvest Day

Harvest Day was a joyful time of celebration as we commemorated the hand of God in the lives of previous students and how God has used the dedicated staff and faculty of AWC down through the years to impact individuals for eternity. We are grateful for those individuals who have given their lives for the work of providing a faithful biblical higher education for the oncoming generations of Christian workers. The investment of the previous graduates of AWC towards the current work of the college is inestimable. The alumni held a special dinner together in commemoration of their part in the experience and mission of AWC. In the evening rally, we were privileged to hear from Rev. Benjamin Blowers and Mrs. Beverly Cope regarding their experiences as students on the campus of AWC. They emphasized the Christlike individuals who invested in their futures and the spiritual atmosphere that played a key role in their spiritual success. A special highlight of the evening was the music provided by the college choir and especially the mass choir including the students from our surrounding Christian day schools. Thank the Lord for a future that has been made possible by those who sacrificed beforehand.

2023 Educators’ Convention

We were privileged to host the annual Allegheny Educators’ Convention on our campus this year. We heard from various of our Christian day school educators, and we enjoyed the rich sessions given by Dr. Tim Cooley. He spoke about the premium that Christ placed upon the worship received from little children, and another topic discussed was how to integrate biblical thinking into every academic discipline in an education setting. We appreciated his sweet spirit and thourough input into the realm of Christian education. Scripture commands us to keep God’s law before us in every area of life, and this principle translates into our efforts to train the next generation in the ways of God and his world. We are grateful for all who are serving on the frontlines of the minds of our children and for the parents who show strong support of our Christian educators. Praise the Lord for the wonderful heritage that we have to pass on to the next generation!

Educator Sessions

2023 Fall Revival

The Lord met us in a special way through the anointed ministry of Rev. and Mrs. Ken Thompson. We deeply enjoyed the thought provoking messages from Rev. Thompson, and his wife gave precious testimonies in the special songs and also shared her heart for Sunday school class. Hearts were moved to seek a close walk with the Lord and to find the jow of a right relationship with Him. There were times of seeking the Lord at an altar of prayer and no one left unchallenged spiritually. We desire more than anything else that our students would recieve the filling of the Holy Spirit and keep sensitive to the leadership of His voice. May we ever keep our hearts open to the plan that God has for us to fulfill in our particular realm of service.

Revival Services

2023 Fall Semester Begins

i is As we enter this new school year, we have been blessed by a precious group of new young people studying on campus. We welcome back all the returning students and faculty to our campus, and we are glad to have a few new additions serving as part of our team. We have already begun prayer in anticipation of our upcoming Fall Revival services. We are certain that the Holy Spirit wants to impact the spiritual lives of everyone on campus, and we ask for your prayers as we humbly approach this time of supplication and expectation. God has always been faithful to his people. The latter part of Hebrews 11:6 says that “he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” God will reward our diligent search for a deeper walk with Him and a special outpouring of His presence. Praise the Lord for what He will do this semester!

On a different note, the construction of the president’s home is well under way. This place will serve not only as an upgrade for the president but will also serve as a place to entertain evangelists, campus visitors, and groups of students throughout the year. We are truly blessed by God’s provision!

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President’s Home

2023 Summer Update

This summer proved to have times when the campus was silent and times when we had more activity than is present on campus all year. Rejoice, Proclaim, and the Youth Camp Team have been traveling as public relations groups to various churches, church camps, and youth camps. God has been helping them, and we are grateful for the opportunity to bless others through our arms of ministry. One of the highlights of the summer for the PR groups was College Summer Days. For two and a half days, a host of young people played together, ate together, studied verses together, and worshiped together. Rev. Blake Quales from Tioga, Louisiana, presented truth on the theme of Reality. He emphasized that God provides true reality to a lost and confused world. We were blessed with God’s presence, and we hope that the lives of the young people were impacted with the truth of God’ Word. As we look forward to the new semester, we are encouraged that God remains on the throne and that He desires to help His people accomplish the work that He has given them.

2023 Commencement

Commencement 2023 was a momentous occasion where 7 AWC graduates entered the world of service beyond the halls of academia. The Faculty and Staff are thrilled to see how God has moved in the lives of these students! We were excited to have two valedictorians for this year’s graduation: Aaron Litton and Charity Hamilton. Their consistent pursuit of God’s will in their studies has been inspiring, and we are praying that all the grauates will be successful in accomplishing what God has for them to do. In addition, we are excited to watch two of our faculty members complete a new phase of professional development. Valorie Quales has completed her Master’s in Music Education, and Louisa Thomas has completed her Doctorate in History. We are looking forward to a new chapter at Allegheny Wesleyan College as a new year approaches. May we find God’s grace and help as we continue to seek His blessing in preparing leaders to “Go, and teach all nations.”

2023 Clock Tower Dedication

We rejoiced in the heritage of holiness as we gathered for the Clock Tower Dedication. The Clock Tower was in honor of Rev. William and Rosemary Cope for their spiritual example in holiness, but many other parts of the Clock Tower were in honor of other great heroes as well, such as Rev. David and Esther Phelps, Rev. Daniel and Jeannie Hardy, and Rev. Michael and Wanda Marshall. We are grateful for those who have contributed to the lives of our generation by portraying godly character and holiness in their everday living. The Clock Tower’s completion marks merely the beginning of a concentrated effort to dig into our heritage as holiness people and specifically the heritage of those behind Allegheny Wesleyan College in order to cultivate the rich cultural past for present use by our current generation. We rejoice at this great milestone in our journey and are anticipating God’s help as we face the future with the guidance of His Spirit.

2023 Spring Choir Tour

Spring Choir Tour was a wonderful time where God was worshiped music of the AWC Choir, which traveled through states such as Virginia and North Carolina, to Louisianna, and looping through Arkansas, Missouri, and Indiana. By the time the time the choir returned to Salem, they had traveled quite a few miles! Choir Tour is a special time where we are able to share the work of God at AWC with those who have been so faithful to give to the cause of preparing laborors for God’s harvest field. In addition, we consider it a great opportunity for our young people to experience the grace God gives through the ministry of music and testimony. Continue to pray that God will touch the lives of our young people and their teachers with a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We are expecting great things through the working of God in our midst.

2023 Singspiration

“Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of his, And give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness” (Psalm 30:4; KJV). We had the wonderful privilege of hosting the annual Singspiration in a partnership with Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Youth (AWMY). We enjoyed a time of varied musical specials giving glory to God for all the blessings He has given us. He has given us salvation and called us His own. He has given us the power to live with the constantly abiding presence of the Holy Spirit working in our lives. It is no wonder that we can sing with such joy and assurance that God has the best interests of His people in mind. We enjoyed the fellowship with the saints, and we would encourage you to consider whether God would have you share a song that has touched your life. Contact us to let us know your interest in participating in the service for the coming year. We want to worship the Lord together!