Campus Life

Spiritual Growth, Godly Friends, Academic Stimulation, Wholesome Recreation, & Exceptional Relaxation.

It Sounds Good. It Is Good.

What Makes Our College Special?

Here’s 5 Things

1. Spiritual Atmosphere – This is why we are here!  In fact our Motto is, “Where God is First,” and we mean that! The college body desires and purposes to always have God’s presence and approval in our decisions as a group and as individuals.

2. Togetherness – As Christians, we are all working together for the furtherance of God’s kingdom, and that’s the basis on how our campus community functions. You will make the best of friends and be part of a great family!

3. Academic Resources – When you want a book, audio cd, online search, or another source, we are able to help you find what you are looking for.

4. Fun Times – Our students have a lot of fun. The college has many planned activities, such as volleyball, basketball, softball, pizza parties with games, and various activities throughout the year.

5. Relaxation – We all need some time to relax! One of the most relaxing places on campus is our pond. Students are often found canoeing, fishing, swinging on benches, or walking around the pond’s gravel path.

While being here at college, living in the girls dorm has been an experience for me. One favorite memory I have about the girls dorm here at Allegheny Wesleyan College is the different times we have prayed together. When some of the girls get together and pray, I have seen God do some amazing things in the lives of others around us. Another memory I have about the girls dorm is when all of the girls just come together and fellowship one with another and have a good time together. I believe the reason a Christian young person needs to experience the social environment at Allegheny Wesleyan College is because it truly can build your character and help you draw closer to Jesus! 

Kirsten Pinkerton


Student Organizations

Class Organizations—Every freshman class will be assigned to a class organization with a sponsor. The class organizations will be called by “Class of…” (i.e. The freshmen this fall will be the “Class of 2020) instead of Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. Students will stay with the class organization with which they come to college. There status as a member of the class organization will not depend on credit hours. Class organizations provide each student with a sense of belonging as well as provide opportunity to work with others, building attributes essential to teamwork and Christianity. Class organizations meet periodically for class business, fellowship, and spiritual activities. Each organization is designated a Class Sponsor to help direct business and activities which the class will take part in. Together each group will determine how they choose to handle event participation, fundraiser possibilities, and group meetings. On the 4th year, the class organizations will choose a location to go on a Senior Trip, and the class will choose a gift to show gratituity towards the college.

Student Council—This four student, executive member, committee is composed of one member from each of the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes.  A staff member advises the Student Council in its organization of student functions, banquets, and certain College Event activities (such as Get-Acquainted Days). Student Council plays an important role to both the college body and college campus. Students requesting a policy change or amendment or want to share a concern or suggestion are able to go to their class student council member to take before the Student Council Committee to discuss for further action. Student Council also hosts fun events (such as talent night or pizza parties). Student Council can also use their department funds to help with the improvement of college grounds for all the campus community’s enjoyment.

Yearbook (Impressions) Staff—Students who have a love for pictures and design are encouraged to request to be a part of the yearbook staff. The executive committee of the Impressions staff is composed of the sponsor, chief editor, assistant editor, and two yearbook designers. Once approved by the Administrative Committee, students work with the organization to help create the yearbook from start to finish. Students who join this organization not only get to enjoy making people smile (say “cheese”) but they also get to develop very useful abilities in learning and using professional software and hardware that can be effective for the rest of their lives.