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Rev. W. Reed Stiles is a 1972 graduate of Allegheny Wesleyan College.

Rev. Stiles was saved at the age of 28 in a revival meeting at the Mentcle Wesleyan Methodist Church with Rev. Fawcett as the evangelist. When God called him to preach, he began to prepare. He came to AWC (with his wife and family) in the fall of 1968 at the age of 35, to prepare for his call to the ministry.

He was able to transfer credits from the classes he had previously taken in the school in the basement of the Indiana Wesleyan Methodist Church from Rev. F.E. Satterfield, Rev. Mansell, Rev. David Phelps, and Rev. Jerry Blair. While a student at AWC, he did maintenance work on a campus that has seen a lot of changes in appearance since that time.

He took classes from Rev. Robert Earley, Mrs. Elizabeth Earley, and Rev. David Phelps. He especially remembers Mrs. Earley’s English classes including writing many papers, and giving speeches. Rev. David Phelps was a lifelong friend and encourager.

Classmates include Rev. Marvin Blowers, Rev. Ron Yoder, Rev. William Cope, and Rev. David Lindesmith.

Rev. and Mrs. Stiles are parents of three children (two sons are deceased) and five grandchildren.

Rev. and Mrs. Stiles came back to AWC as staff in 1987, continuing until 2002, in which years they made many more memories on campus and were an important part of the lives of many more students, as Mrs. Stiles cooked in the kitchen and Rev. Stiles was dean of students, was in charge of the work program, and of course was always willing to lend a helping hand in maintenance and wherever else he was needed. During these years, they often traveled with PR groups, representing AWC.

One of the traditions they brought back in 1987 was an outdoor fall apple butter making.

In his retirement years he has been living in Salem, Ohio, where he is a faithful member of the Salem Wesleyan Methodist Church.

Personality: Cheerful, hardworking, faithful, no-nonsense, encouraging, helpful


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