Rev. John L. Dye (60 year alumnus)

There was a trend of worldliness at the high school from which I graduated, and after enrolling at their college for only a few weeks, I felt I needed to go home. God was leading me to enroll at Salem Bible Institute, so in the spring of 1959 I came as a student. I graduated from Salem Bible College in 1962.

These were wonderful years of serving God – preaching on street corners and wherever He led.

One of my favorite memories was coming back to campus, after preaching at Hillsdale Church where I was pastoring, and finding my mattress outside. I believe Larry Grabill was one of the culprits. We had fun even with getting studies done.

I had friends who came to SBI from Central (Rev. Blackwelder, Tom Ellis, Clarence Mayhle). I have remained friends with Brother Ellis, Marlin Stahl, Frank Johnston, Troy Muir, Paul Treese, and others. Friendships formed at Bible college can last a lifetime.

I had to have an appendectomy while in college, and Rev. and Mrs. R.W. Dunn took me into their home until I was able to go back to classes. I do not remember ever getting a bill for my schooling, and I do not know who paid it for me.

I enjoyed the teaching of Rev. R. W. Dunn, Prof. Budensiek, and Sister Sundstrom (she taught me how to direct music, and I used it often in my pastorates).

I sang in a men’s trio with Betty (VanCise) Case as one of our pianists.

I am a member of the Salem Wesleyan Methodist Church. Due to my health, I am unable to attend church, but I do enjoy hearing my pastors preach via live-streaming. It has been a blessing to my wife and me.

I have two daughters and one son, but they did not attend AWC. I met my first wife, Louise Elsey, at Bible college. I have nine grandchildren and one great grandson.

I wish he himself could contribute, but it’s not possible (Shirley Dye, his loving wife).


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