We’re excited that you are either planning or beginning to look at going to Bible College! There are many questions that you probably have: “How do I apply, and will I be accepted?” “How long will the process take?” “Can I afford College?” “Am I able to get a scholarship or grant?” “Is it wise to get a student loan?” “Can I work on campus?”  Starting on a new journey creates many questions, which is why we developed this website with you in mind. . .and if you don’t know what you should be asking, we got that covered too.

Get to Know Allegheny Wesleyan College!

If you are seeking a Bible college where you can grow in grace while learning about God, His Word, and His world, then the spiritual emphasis, academic requirements, and outreach activities of Allegheny Wesleyan College will benefit you. Interpersonal relationships with other Christian young people on our campus provide never-to-be-forgotten experiences that often lead to lifelong relationships. Whether you are a high-school senior, incoming freshman, transfer student, international student, Christian worker, senior citizen, or lay person, AWC will inspire your service to God and vision for the lost.

Allegheny Wesleyan College has definitely impacted me greatly spiritually. The Bible classes that I have taken have helped me to further my knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and also on how to share my faith with others. The opportunity to learn from those who have already had much experience in the fields in which they teach has been amazing as well. During my experience here, God has helped me to dig deeper into His Word and to learn how to love and serve Him better.

Trenton Troyer


Why Choose Allegheny Wesleyan College?

Here’s 10 Reasons why AWC is a place that you’ll want to call home:

  1. Our faculty and staff live by our motto: Where God Is First.  It is our deepest desire to live a life of pure holiness, one in which God is glorified in every way.
  2. Students love AWC. Graduates surveyed reported 95% satisfaction with their college experience.
  3. An exceptional education.  The main purpose of our college is to grow closer to the Lord by receiving a thorough biblical education. Learn more about our classes offered.
  4. The college location is ideal.  The college is located on the outskirts of town; close to stores, but away from the busyness.
  5. It costs less to attend AWC than most bible colleges.  At $4800 tuition cost per year (full time student)*, you’ll find us extremely competitive with any college.
  6. We are accredited.  This means if you choose to either transfer to our college or attend here and pursue a degree elsewhere, you’re applicable credits will transfer.
  7. Student to faculty ratio is low.  Easy to interact with your professors, greater chance to get all your questions answered, more direct classroom training and professors have high availability at all times for you.
  8. An extensive and continually growing library.  Our library contains many books on most any religious topic.  You won’t be short on things you can learn.
  9. We have an inner school network.  Through the use of Populi, our students, staff and faculty can correspond at any given time; whether it be about a classroom assignment or about what they ate for lunch, we are connected.
  10. We offer opportunity.  Students are provided ample opportunity to become immersed in the work of God (which is God’s calling to each one of us).  Students are taught to thrive in many areas of ministry that will ultimately change lives for eternity.

Not Sure About College? Feel Free to Visit and Get a Better Idea.