AWC has tailored its classes in your best interest.

Empowering. Challenging. Rewarding.


We recognize that there is immense potential stored in each of our students. Our academic structure has been formed to provide students with the vision, knowledge, and tools to develop and strengthen their abilities and talents.


We grow when we are challenged. As a biblical and Christian institution, student growth is one of our greatest desires. This is why our classes were designed to offer a learning experience to challenge students both mentally and spiritually. 


Making a difference is rewarding.  Our students consistently have a great number of opportunities to put their training to use. Whether it be through preaching or through apologetical conversation, the rewards they reap are bountiful.     

Since I came to AWC, God has continued to help me grow and become more firmly established as a Christian, and I have learned so much in the area of music. Jesus has given me indescribable peace and joy, and I have found great fulfillment in following His plan.




What would be your purpose to go to Bible college? Some would say, “I want to better my education,” and others would say “Because I want to take the next step in allowing God to use me for His purpose.” Both of those are good common answers, both of which are very important. Here’s another question: Has God given you a calling? Some of you may have said yes, but many have said no, which is perfectly fine!  Many of our students have no specific calling, but instead, they come to college open to God’s direction. When you come to AWC, you will receive an education that you will find helpful in any field of ministry. Think about your future… Could you be a pastor? How about a missionary or a bible teacher? Could you possibly work in a Christian school or become a music worker? Each of the said jobs may require very different tasks, but at the same time they often relate and have similar job duties. That’s why we developed our programs to be not only path-specific but all around helpful in Christian ministry! Our students receive an education that not only emphasizes their major, but also incorporates a variety of learning opportunities to be effective in ministry.

Did You Know that We Are Accredited?

It is nice when your credits can transfer and your diploma is recognized.