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Allegheny Wesleyan College is a Bible college located in Salem, Ohio, and is affiliated with the Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Connection. The religious teachings that we follow have been accepted on the basis of diligent study of the bible and history with fervent prayer and proper reason in order to obtain and retain a holy life while understanding what has been proven to work in years past. Many of our teachings originated from John Wesley and Arminianism. We are often referred to as an old-fashioned or conservative holiness group.

What We Are Doing

We are strong advocates of the Great Commission. We train Christians (primarily young adults) in great depth to afford them the opportunity to go out to all nations with proper knowledge, passion, and ability to win the lost. Equipping our students with classroom and personal Christian service experience, prior to full-time ministry, provides them with the tools needed to be most effective.  

I am so thankful that God has led me to AWC. God has done so much for me during my time here. He has helped me to grow spiritually and learn to trust Him more. The Godly atmostphere, staff, and classes have helped me in preparing for what God may have for me in my future.

Joanna Corban


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