Thanksgiving Celebration

The Thanksgiving Celebration was a wonderful time to be able to share in the blessings that God has worked on our behalf. When we truly begin to realize what God has done for us, our hearts begin to warm with the realization that He is taking tender care of His children. We heard stories from a couple students who are missionary youth about how Thanksgiving was celebrated away from home, and Victor Sanders shared about how a Haitian friend of his surprised them at Thanksgiving by bringing a turkey he had raised just for the sole purpose of giving it as a gift to the missionaries. God has ways of blessing those who are in His work, and those who are far away from the comforts of friends or home can have that knowledge that God is meeting their needs. As a campus family God has been meeting our needs and the needs of our students. Many of the students received scholarships to help them with their school bills. We are so grateful to God for moving on the hearts of our gracious donors to help finance these young people who are endeavoring to glorify God at AWC. Thank you for your many prayers that you offer on our behalf. We are truly indebted to God and to our fellow believers for the wonderful opportunities and encouragements that have come our way. As we approach the Thanksgiving season, let us remember to thank the Lord for everything that He has so graciously provided!


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