This summer proved to have times when the campus was silent and times when we had more activity than is present on campus all year. Rejoice, Proclaim, and the Youth Camp Team have been traveling as public relations groups to various churches, church camps, and youth camps. God has been helping them, and we are grateful for the opportunity to bless others through our arms of ministry. One of the highlights of the summer for the PR groups was College Summer Days. For two and a half days, a host of young people played together, ate together, studied verses together, and worshiped together. Rev. Blake Quales from Tioga, Louisiana, presented truth on the theme of Reality. He emphasized that God provides true reality to a lost and confused world. We were blessed with God’s presence, and we hope that the lives of the young people were impacted with the truth of God’ Word. As we look forward to the new semester, we are encouraged that God remains on the throne and that He desires to help His people accomplish the work that He has given them.