We rejoiced in the heritage of holiness as we gathered for the Clock Tower Dedication. The Clock Tower was in honor of Rev. William and Rosemary Cope for their spiritual example in holiness, but many other parts of the Clock Tower were in honor of other great heroes as well, such as Rev. David and Esther Phelps, Rev. Daniel and Jeannie Hardy, and Rev. Michael and Wanda Marshall. We are grateful for those who have contributed to the lives of our generation by portraying godly character and holiness in their everday living. The Clock Tower’s completion marks merely the beginning of a concentrated effort to dig into our heritage as holiness people and specifically the heritage of those behind Allegheny Wesleyan College in order to cultivate the rich cultural past for present use by our current generation. We rejoice at this great milestone in our journey and are anticipating God’s help as we face the future with the guidance of His Spirit.