The AWC Spring 2022 Choir Tour was marked with God’s help and presence! The choir traveled to services ranging from Danville, Ohio, to DeRidder, Louisiana. The choir was especially grateful for the blessing of the new bus the Lord provided. In contrast to the previous bus, for which we were grateful, this new bus could maintain the speed limit in difficult terrain and had fully functional heat and air conditioning. Thank the Lord for His blessings and for His hand of protection along the lengthy journey.

We are so thankful for the hospitality displayed at each of the churches we visited, and we are also thankful for the sacrificial contributions given to the school for the continued growth and development of young people toward the purpose of serving God in a Christian capacity. The warm welcomes at each place helped to encourage the choir in their continued journey! Special thanks is due to Rev. Andy Cooley, who drove the bus over 2,300 miles in various weather conditions. Thank the Lord for how His presence descended in the services, strengthening and lifting both choir and congregation to a fuller worship of the Lord of all!