2022 Fall Revival

Our hearts were refreshed with the anointed ministry of Rev. Terrence Tiberio in the chapels and evening services. Rev. Tiberio brought messeges from the heart and drew from his experiences in pastoring and working with the International Student Foundation. Given his experience in working with international, he was able to convey simple truths with deep impact. The theme of revival centered around his question to be seriously pondered, “Am I Teachable?” He shared ways that we can be taught of the Holy Spirit through circumstaces, other people, and, most importantly, a close relationship with Jesus. He often said that only two people mattered, “You and Jesus.” We were admonished as a campus body to develop such a beautiful, individual relationship with Jesus that He can lead us in every aspect of life. Truly, the message of Christ is central to all that we believe and hold dear. Our hearts were stirred, and we are continuing in prayer that God would work and lead in the lives of our students.