As we begin this new semester, we are grateful for how the past graduating class is entering into the work of the Lord. Commencement 2022 was a moving commemoration of the accomplishments of AWC’s 15 graduates and a stirring reminder of the urgency of the Great Commission. The class motto was “God’s last command: our first concern,” and it is fitting in light of the mission of AWC to remember that our purpose is to prepare laborers to reach the farthest corners of the earth or the neighborhood next door. A few examples of how our graduates are entering forms of ministry include Jessica Tomek at Northwest Indian Bible School, Madison Calvert at New Bethlehem Wesleyan Methodist School, and Laura Geul at Awake Cafe in Detroit, Michigan.

Thanks are due to all who have invested in the lives of these fine young people and have given them examples of heartfelt ministry. With the many blessings God has given our graduates, we are convinced that God will enable them, in whatever capacity He has called them, to fulfill His great will with a heart full of praise to the Lord.