We are grateful to all who attended the Appreciation Banquet and made it possible by giving toward the needs of students. Over $63,000 worth of scholarships were given to needy students in support of their striving and studying to find and do the will of God! The Lord has truly blessed us with a wonderful support community who encourage AWC in its mission to prepare young people to do the work of the Lord, at home and abroad. We were privileged to hear from missionaries who testified of AWC’s impact in preparing them for service to God in cross-cultural settings. In addition, President Hardy presented current information about the progressing plans for the completion of the William and Rosemary Cope Clock Tower and encouraged our hearts in the remembrance of the wonderful Wesleyan heritage we experience as a holiness Bible college. As we recognize God’s hand on AWC, we are humbled to think about what God has accomplished and continues to accomplish on the behalf of our generation. Praise God for His continued presence and for the support He sends to us through His people!