2021 Thanksgiving Banquet

The Thanksgiving Banquet, hosted by the Class of 2024, was a wonderful occasion to think on God’s material and spiritual blessing throughout the previous year, and the kitchen staff provided a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner. The Lord has graciously supplied for our every need on campus and has blessed us beyond imagination in the various projects like the Clock Tower, the David L. Gallit Memorial Park, and renovation of Rhoades Hall. Beyond these blessings, God has made Himself manifest on campus through godly teachers and staff, as well as in the weekly chapel services and prayer meeting. Without God, our endeavors to train young people for His service would be in vain. The social and academic environment of AWC cannot be effective without God’s spiritual help.

This Thanksgiving, many funded scholarships were given to students who needed help paying their bills for the fall or coming spring semester. Our students are grateful for this form of provision that enables them to focus upon their studies and afford their education. God provides for every need of His children. Thank the Lord for what He has done and is going to do!