2021 Singspiration

This past week has been full of excitement indeed! It was School Spirit Week, and the students, along with the staff and faculty, participated with much energy and creativity. The various themes were Messed-up Monday, Twin Tuesday, Work-Force Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Faculty and Staff Friday. The many outfits that were put together were funny and thoughtful.

However, the main highlight of this week was our annual Singspiration in the D.R. Kaufman Memorial Building, which was dedicated about a year ago. It was quite a disappointment when schooling became remote immediately following the dedication of the brand new building. However, we are grateful for the wonderful enrollment God has given us this year, and we are thoroughly enjoying the blessing of the D.R. Kaufman Memorial Building. This year’s Singspiration included a beautiful music service, along with activities for the young people following the service. It is wonderful to fellowship together with music and wholesome entertainment.