2021 Appreciation Banquet

On Thursday, we held our annual Appreciation Banquet in honor of those who have sacrificed of their time and money to see the cause of Allegheny Wesleyan College go forward. We enjoyed delicious food, and the D. R. Kaufman Building was decorated beautifully for the occasion. It truly was a blessing to have ample space to hold the banquet. The evening was filled with beautiful orchestra music, stirring testimonies of students and teachers alike, and singing that was appropriate for the occasion. We were sad to hear that Rev. Rodger Stearns is taking a well-deserved retirement from teaching, and we appreciate his passion for his students and for the Word of God. Over $70,000 in scholarship monies was given to needy and deserving students. The Lord has truly blessed us beyond measure, and we are grateful to the individuals who have given of their hard-earned resources to help in the lives of young people. As a matter of fact, a good number of the students that received the scholarships are first-generation Christians, thanks to the grace of God. In light of God’s blessings to AWC, we will go on to give back to Him and His work here so that our students may, in turn, bless others around them.


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